i’m A Twit (and have the pics to prove it)

In the wake of the wake of my wagon… i posted tons of TwitPics last night detailing my consumption these last few weeks leading up to my decision to hang up my bottle.

If you’re interested, check out: Al K Hall’s a PictWit

19 thoughts on “i’m A Twit (and have the pics to prove it)

    • What can i say? Once i start, i don’t like stopping… i’m like that with a lot of things, actually.

      As for the wagon, so far so good… and thanks for asking!

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

      Al K Hall

    • Day 2 under my belt!

      At lunch, i just sat down at the table, poured everyone a glass of water, poured the three others a glass of wine and set the bottle on the table. No one asked if i was gonna have any and so i didn’t say anything.

      Next big challenge is Friday, with the weekly open Bar in the company’s reception area.

      Thanks again for all your help, man!

      Al K Hall

      • Nice! Isn’t it amazing how most of the expectations others have for you to drink are all in your head?

        You know what to do Friday. Get a N/A drink in your hand quickly. Arrive late and leave early if possible. And maybe text Miss D while you’re there, so you stay anchored.

        Keep up the good work, man. I’m rooting for you.

      • Excellent advice. This’ll come in handy, brother!

        Only three days in and i’m already feeling better equipped to deal with the shit piling up in my doorway…

        i’ll keep you posted about tomorrow…

  1. I love the practical information that ITSB has to offer. So pragmatic.

    Reminds me of a sherpa — a guide up mountains like Everest. Yeah, it is good to have a sherpa when you are making a huge climb up a tough hill. 🙂

  2. P.S. Wow — I knew that May 28 was a wreck of a day, but now that I see the totals, I realize why it is you came home the way you did. I had *no* idea it was that much — that it was that many units that day. That day/night makes a lot more sense now…

  3. (I forgot to note in the comment above that I think you had more once you got home after work on May 28, too — I am pretty sure there was a bottle of wine that night, too. You’d gone to the store on the way home from work with the girl kid and I think you had another part of another bottle of wine…)

    • looking back on this, there are a couple days i left out a couple bottles here and there…it was kinda hard as i was mostly piecing it together from memory and memory card (ie, the pictures i’d taken those specific days).

    • i do think there is some of that at play here. i certainly like to beat myself up after a binge and it’s true i kinda flaunt it in Miss D’s face, along the lines of, “See, i’m a fuckup! i told you i was! Now what are you gonna do!”

      And yeah, if you want to spank me, i’ve got this studded paddle i’ve grown attached to (lol).

    • Look man, I can’t help you with your women troubles. I had 3 promising potential girlfriends in the past 2 years promptly dump me after seeing me drunk. The one with the cocaine habit who criticized my drinking hurt the most. “But you’re a coke addict!” “Yeah, but I’m not as fucked up as you!” Ouchy. You’re better off in the women department than I am — at least you have a girlfriend.

      While I strongly suspect there’s a lot of you playing “see what I can get away with” when all your “hey look at all these pictures of bottles I consumed” (Martini in T/A parlance) I also strongly suspect that it is not the full story. I am reluctant to call it a disease, but I do know there’s this “addictive voice” in your head urging you to drink. And it’s all so easy to say “awww fuck it” and succumb. There are tools for recognizing and disputing that addictive voice in a rational manner. And when you master them, you find that that inner addictive monster is just a 2 year old kid who wants instant gratification and can be easily stifled. I can help with that.

      My advice: stay dry for 9 days; avoid the open bar. Just say you feel a cold coming on and go home. After you are past the physical withdrawal, it’s a lot easier to work on disputing your urges. For the time being, the best thing to do is avoid temptation.

      • Hey babe,

        Trust me, i realize how lucky i am to have found Miss D, so all’s good there.

        I do know there’s this “addictive voice” in your head urging you to drink. And it’s all so easy to say “awww fuck it” and succumb. There are tools for recognizing and disputing that addictive voice in a rational manner. And when you master them, you find that that inner addictive monster is just a 2 year old kid who wants instant gratification and can be easily stifled. I can help with that.” True dat! It’ll be nice to have a sherpa along for the “trip”.

        i’m definitely planning to go the full 9 days. My record is 6 months (about five years ago) and then a couple months a few years back. It’s easier for me to quit completely than it is so moderate; seems once i get a couple belts under my belt i take the fast lane to “aww fuck it”. If i don’t start then it’s easier to steer away from that. Tonight should be pretty easy; a lot of the people at the party don’t drink and i can hang with them and take off after 15 minutes.

        BTW, i’m taking my daughter out to a movie after that, so if i don’t post an all clear status until tomorrow, don’t sweat it.

        Thanks a lot, brother!

        Al K Hall

    • Ohhhh, that TA stuff is really interesting. No, lol, not “tits and ass.” That stuff is on another post. 😀 I meant “Transactional Analysis.” I have run into that stuff before in some reading, but it was interesting to read more about the Games in the Wiki article. I want to learn more about that… It’s got some interesting metaphors. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

      • There is a 50 year old book called Games People Play by Eric Berne that started it.

        There is a lot of truth to what he writes but I don’t think he has the full story. It doesn’t capture the idea that you can get addicted to alcohol and slowly self destruct without the persecutor, rescuer, or patsy (i.e., drink alone and be functional without anyone criticizing you or trying to rescue you.) But the snark factor is first rate and I see quite a bit of it going on here…. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

        Thesis: How bad I’ve been; see if you can stop me. Aim: Self-castigation.
        Roles: Alcoholic, Persecutor, Rescuer, Patsy, Connection. Dynamics: Oral deprivation.
        Examples: (1) See if you can catch me. The prototypes of this game are difficult to correlate because of its complexity. Children, however, particularly children of alcoholics, often go through many of the maneuvers characteristic of the Alcoholic. “See if you can stop me,” which involves lying, hiding things, seeking derogatory comments, looking for helpful people, finding a benevolent neighbor who will give free handouts, etc. Self-castigation is often postponed to later years.
        (2) The alcoholic and his circle, Social Paradigm: Adult-Adult.
        Adult: “Tell me what you really think of me or help me stop drinking.”
        Adult: “I’ll be frank with you.” Psychological Paradigm: Parent-Child. Child: “See if you can stop me.” Parent: “You must stop drinking because. . . .”
        Moves: (1) Provocation—accusation or forgiveness. (2) Indulgence—anger or disappointment.
        Advantages: (1) Internal Psychological—(a) Drinking as a procedure—rebellion, reassurance and satisfaction of craving. (b) “Alcoholic” as a game—self-castigation (probable). (2) External Psychological—avoidance of sexual and other forms of intimacy. (3) Internal Social—See if you can stop me. (4) External Social—”Morning After,” “Martini,” and other pastimes. (5) Biological—alternating loving and angry exchanges. (6) Existential—Everybody wants to deprive me.

      • Wow,

        i agree he doesn’t “have the full story” but damn, a lot of what he says is spot on… To think it was written over 50 years ago! (And here it thought i was new and original in my problems—lol).

        Thanks for sharing this, man.

        And thanks for your continued support,

        Al K Hall

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