Group Therapy

After “The Bar None”, i think this is a pretty damn good name for a bar:

Also appropriate for what’s been going on in The Bar None lately! Three days sober but tomorrow’s the big challenge. Thanks for your help, peeps…

Al K Hall

13 thoughts on “Group Therapy

  1. Ever notice and/or think about the fact that “The Bar None” has the word “none” in it? LOL. I thought about that just now and thought it was interesting.

    It’s been nice to see Erin’s support here, along with everyone else’s. I think that is really cool. 🙂

    • Yep,

      Nice of the Celebrity friends to stop by with the rabble and wish me well. Quite a nice group assembled here in the Bar Nine, eh?

      Thanks Angel!

      Al K Hall

    • Bubba!

      i know exactly what you mean. i started partying on Fridays in University and that was over 20 years ago. Which means i’ve been using Fridays as an excuse to binge for nearly half my life. Hard habit to break…

      Anyway, tonight, i had water as soon as the party started (the Coke was warm and i didn’t feel like going there…) and arranged it so my kids came by the office fifteen minutes after that so i had a good excuse to hightail it out of there pretty quickly.

      Bottom line? Four days of no belts under my belt.

      Thanks for the support and for patronizing me, brother,

      Al K Hall

      • There was a night club in the 80’s that hosted some cutting edge groups (synth, not your thing, I know) and it had a indoor swimming pool that had a metal lid that became a dance floor, a barber shop (yeah like booze and scissors go together and who ever cut their hair in the 80’s anyway) and an art gallery. The place finaly got shut down when it hosted rap artists and brought violence downtown.

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