The Tabs i’m Keeping

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Anyway, just keeping tabs on last night. At the office party last night i drank a glass of ice water (the orange juice and Coke was warm so i didn’t feel like going there) and had my kids get there earlier than usual so i had a good excuse to leave. i was out of there fifteen minutes after the party started. Day four of Dry Spelling passed.

4 thoughts on “The Tabs i’m Keeping

    • Hi Erin!

      Sobriety has it’s ups (i’m feeling stronger, better equipped to deal with my shit, more optimistic…) and downs (tense and short tempered—looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smoking…). Not drinking may not be a cure-all for my problems, but it makes working on them tons easier.

      Thanks for Patronizing me, Sweet!

      Al K Hall

  1. You’re quitting smokes too? Duuude, I’ll wait till next year to visit (no wonder you’re reviewing a vet flick). Wait till all of this system shock settles down before you decide to go vegan.

    I’ll bet you had no problem with the coke and oj being warm when they were just mixers.

    • The smokes are too expensive. i was spending about 30 bucks a week on those and that’s an expense i really can’t afford at the moment… Vegan (lol). Actually, you’re not far off, though. To save money i’ve been eating only canned tuna and pasta during the week.

      As for the coke and oj…actually i don’t like warm booze all that much. The colder the better—i’m a huge fan of frozen drinks. The only alcohol i can drink warm is red wine and beer (in a pinch).

      AL K Hall

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