Booze Nooze: Justin Bieber Is A 27-Year-Old Girl

From the juiced-box: Robert Storoy/DJ Robban (feat. Selma) – Who U Are

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The saddest, scariest thing about the real story (and if you click on the article you’ll be whisked to the original TMZ article) is how this poor, delusional chick actually cultivates the Justa Baber-in-the-woods look.

i mean if you’re gonna imitate anyone, why not an under-21 starlette who likes to drink and party?


Emma Watson (20)


Emma Roberts (19)


Miley Cyrus (17)

So the music at the top is from a Facebook friend Robert Storoy.

Not only is he a killer composer, he’s a killer photographer as well. Check it out:

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