Mug Shot: Vince Neil

From the juiced-box and dedicated to Vince: Mötley Crüe – Generation Swine

Who Is He?

Vince Neil was the lead sinner—oops, singer—of the American “rock” band Mötley Crüe (hey, it was the 80’s and we were hard up for anything that wasn’t Haircut 100; you woulda listened to them too if you were us, damnit). The band broke up in ’89 which makes perfect sense because they were an 80’s band and the 80’s, thank the lord in all her mercy, ended with all the ceremony of a do-it-yourself Bris in a church bathroom with your mother’s sewing sheers and a shot of Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey.

Not realizing the 80’s were so, uh, well, 80’s, Mötley Crüe reformed in the 90’s. Neil’s drinking was such a problem that bassist Nikki Sixx came up with the idea of fining any band member $25,000 if he caught them drunk on tour. This brain fart eventually led to a fistfight between Sixx and Neil in a hotel lobby. In 1999, Vince got drunk again and this time opted to get in a boxing match with drummer Tommy Lee in an airport. As Lee was on parole, Vince decided it would be cool to call the cops to break up the fight. Lee and Neil still don’t talk.

Neil is also quite the stellar business “man”. In addition to tons of things i couldn’t give a rat’s ass about, he ventured into:

  • The Bar One Club [Damn, so close to a great bar name…]
  • A strip club called “Girls, Girls, Girls”
  • His own winery, “Vince Vineyards”
  • His own tequila, “Tres Rios” [Which means “Very Rios” in French (or “Three Rivers” in Spanish, take your pick]
  • The Dr. Feelgood Bar and Grill

What Happened?

On June 28, Vince partied in Las Vegas at the Daytime Emmy Awards. After doing extensive research i was able to confirm that attending this event was not the reason he was arrested. (The jury is still out as to whether the shirt was the fashion crime.)

Stole the pic from TMZ, click on the link to check it out

No, it seems that after leaving the reception, Las Vegas PD received a call about a drunk driver. Five-0 found Vince soon after, swerving around Las Vegas Blvd, where he was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI after failing several field sobriety tests. He was released on $2,000 bail.

Before we get any deeper into this mess, i gotta fitting song for the next section: Mötley Crüe – Shout At The Devil

Why He Deserves A Mug Shot

OK, you know what? i’m not even gonna rub his dirty nose in the fact that less than a week before his DWI bust, he told Associated Press, “Well, there’s just a point in your life where you kind of stop, that’s what happened with me. That was like three years ago. There’s other things in life than just drugs and alcohol.” Yes,  there is. Like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

On December 8 1984, Vince Neil killed a man. Vince’d been partying for hours with Finnish metal band Hanoi Rocks when he took the band’s drummer, Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, out on a booze run. On the way to De Tomaso Pantera — the liquor store Neil owned—Vince Neil was speeding and drunkenly (he had a BAC of 0.17%) swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic where he had a head-on collision with another car. Both occupants of the other car were reduced to a vegetative state. Razzle was DOA.

And Neil? He was sentenced to 30 days jail time for vehicular manslaughter but was let out for good behavior after 15. Yes, days. Apparently the scars this experience left on him weren’t all that deep because in 2007 he was arrested for DUI again, but plea bargained it down to “Reckless Driving”. Then he learned that “There’s other things in life than just drugs and alcohol.” And then got busted a couple days ago for DUI again.

Live and learn…or pull a Neil.

Signing off with my favorite Crüe song (i’m a sucker for heavy metal ballads, just ask anyone): Mötley Crüe – Home Sweet Home

[AlKHallism: Props to Ken (AKA Wayne Buchanan) over at the Bar None’s Facebook page for bringing this bit of tid to my attention. Thanks a million, Brother!]

5 thoughts on “Mug Shot: Vince Neil

  1. “There’s other things in life than just drugs and alcohol.” Yes, there is. Like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.” *snicker*

    This one made me giggle, too:
    “Live and learn…or pull a Neil.”

    I’ll get you a t-shirt of that for your next b-day, and you can wear it with pride, lol.

    This was very amusingly-written, m’dear, full of wit, piss and vinegar (a good thing, lol).

    Poor ole Neil, though. Kind of. Poor victim of his own idiocy! It goes to show it ain’t easy to ride the wagon. Just sad that he got so cocky about riding it and then fell off. Also sad that he got off so easy so many times! From punitive actions, I mean. Hell, he probably gets off a lot the other way with all the groupies at his disposal.

    I like Nikki Sixx better anyways. He has a cooler name, and has actually *stuck* with his sobriety, as far as I know.

    • Thanks for the props, Angel.

      As for Neil, i’m just glad i live in a city where i can’t have a car. i agree with you, though, i’ve been a Nikki fan since he started dating Kat Van D…

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  2. Very thorough investigating, sir. A fine article and life lesson for us all (especially Vince, but I don’t think he’s listening).

    His descission making was made clear when the other most famous thing he’s done is making a tape with Jannine (ex of Jessie James, ex of Sandra Bullock) to compete with the Pam/Tommy vid (but THEY were married at the time, I will remind everyone).

    • Hey Ken!

      Thanks for the props, brother!

      Yeah, actually i saw that thing about the sex tape but as it’s non alcohol related i decided to let it ‘slide’.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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