Dr High the Science Guy

High Guys!

It’s I, Dr High the Science Guy, your Functional Alcoholic Slurpreson here to demonstrate how science can make alcoholism function for you.

First Up: How To Open a Bottle of Wine With Your Shoe

The video’s in French but i’ll break it down for you.

1) Hold the wine bottle in one hand and the shoe in the other.

2) Stick the wine bottle in the shoe.

3) Bang the wine bottle in the shoe against the wall repeatedly.

4) The more you bang the bottle against the wall, the more the cork will come out of the bottle.

5) Keep banging the bottle against the wall until...

6) ...enough of the cork is sticking out of the bottle...

7) ...to pull out by hand.

8) Voila!

Second Up: How To Open a Padlock With A Beer Can

This video’s in a living language so i don’t need to sell it out step by step for y’all.

Third Up: The Beer-Me Robot

Thanks to my bud In The Same Boat for posting this in the comments section to this blog entry. You gotta see it to believe it, a robotic beer bitch. Finally geeks have spent gajillions of dollars on something we actually need.

Fourth Up: The Same Thing From Intel

A special shout out to my Facebook friend Liam Irvine for posting this to my wall!

i dunno, the other one looks a little more practical to me. Click on the photo to read the article, but there’s not a lot about booze in the text. The other robot seems to be more single minded in it’s beer fetching task…

Had enough of intellectual pursuits? It’s still not too late to…


6 thoughts on “Dr High the Science Guy

    • After close analysis of the video, i’ve determined the French guy says… “blah mwah vrah blah mwew. Scaré Bleu!” Which translates into something like: “The shock waves undulate from the bottom of the bottle to the top and push the cork out the other end. Sacred Blue!”

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  1. LOL @ your comments so far…

    Another busy week at the Bar None. I gotta say, maybe it’s just my mood today, but I got pretty depressed reading this today. Those poor kiddos with moms like the ones up there. Sad.

    The wine-bottle-shoe-thing was cool though. If you decide to go off the wagon this upcoming vacation, I’d like to see you try that. But only with the first bottle. I can just see someone (aka YOU) trying to do the shoe thing drunk, and I have a feeling that we’d be wiping up the bottle off of the floor. Not to mention you? 😉

    • Hi Angel!

      We’ll definitely hafta try the wine bottle / shoe thing. i know exactly what you mean about only doing it once and while sober, though. i can so see me shooting wine across the apartment.

      Not to mention you?” LOL, god you crack me up!


  2. Oh yeah — whoops! I forgot this was not a part of the most recent Dregs, which I just read, and then kept reading further into this post, the previous one to the DotW. I’ll leave a comment there, too.

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