Self Unemployed: Hidden Motives

Here’s a recent photo of mine that i’ll be adding to theĀ Photo’s: Self-Unemployed page.

Hidden Motives

In other news, i’m still dry. i haven’t had a drink since June 13, which means i’m going on a bazillion weeks dry. Some days are harder than others, but in general i’ve been enjoying this unusual feeling of what i can only assume is something y’all normal people refer to as “energy”. Another big plus is a slew of hangover free-days.

The other day i ate with five clients at the restaurant where i’ve become known as a drinking institution. Thinking everything was business as usual, the waiter brought us a second bottle of wine toward the end of the meal. My clients were kind of surprised, however, because we hadn’t finished out first bottle yet. i immortalized this moment on my cell phone.

The glass in the middle contains the two fingers i’d poured myself to throw everyone off the scent. Apparently it worked too well, as evidenced by the second bottle.

Oh yeah, if you care, i plan to fall off the wagon during my vacation which begins the 6th of August and ends on the 21st. You may wanna stay out of Yemen during that time.

That is all.

Thanks for patronizing me,

Al K Hall

Functional Alcoholic Slurperson