Self Unemployed: Cham-Pain

Here’s a recent photo i’ve added to my Self Unemployed page.

Cham-Pain: When you care enough to sleep off the very best

In other news… i’ve set a new drinking rule for myself. No more drinking at home. Basically, this means i’ll only be drinking wine at my 1 or 2 business lunches a week and a couple beers at the office’s Open Bar on Fridays. i plan to start hitting some gallery openings for another writing project i got going, so if they have champagne at some of those the man in the above picture may be me, but that’s a risk i’m willing to take.

A little about rules. i don’t have a tattoo. None. For the simple reason that i’ve never believed in anything long enough that i’d want it permanently etched into me. Rules are like this. i create rules for myself, not tattoos. i’m a big believer in evolution and i’m a big believer in change. i adopt rules knowing that they’ll get changed eventually and that change is a good thing. Right now, i think i’ve hit one the best one for me for the time being.

i’ll keep you “posted”.

PS “Ouroboros”. That’s what i’d get if i got a tattoo today. It’s an image of a snake eating it’s own tail and it’d look something like this:

Ask me again tomorrow, i’ll pro’lly tell you something different.