Self Unemployed: Cham-Pain

Here’s a recent photo i’ve added to my Self Unemployed page.

Cham-Pain: When you care enough to sleep off the very best

In other news… i’ve set a new drinking rule for myself. No more drinking at home. Basically, this means i’ll only be drinking wine at my 1 or 2 business lunches a week and a couple beers at the office’s Open Bar on Fridays. i plan to start hitting some gallery openings for another writing project i got going, so if they have champagne at some of those the man in the above picture may be me, but that’s a risk i’m willing to take.

A little about rules. i don’t have a tattoo. None. For the simple reason that i’ve never believed in anything long enough that i’d want it permanently etched into me. Rules are like this. i create rules for myself, not tattoos. i’m a big believer in evolution and i’m a big believer in change. i adopt rules knowing that they’ll get changed eventually and that change is a good thing. Right now, i think i’ve hit one the best one for me for the time being.

i’ll keep you “posted”.

PS “Ouroboros”. That’s what i’d get if i got a tattoo today. It’s an image of a snake eating it’s own tail and it’d look something like this:

Ask me again tomorrow, i’ll pro’lly tell you something different.

8 thoughts on “Self Unemployed: Cham-Pain

  1. I love these little rules. A few months ago, a drinking buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen for 2 years called me to see if I wanted to go drinking. We stopped hanging out because when we drink together, the hangovers put us out of commission for at least 2 days. When I explained that I quit, he said, “oh, I just made this rule that I can’t drink in the house, could I come over to your house to drink?”

    Funny, I made the opposite rule: no drinking outside my house. And then only as much as I was willing to buy sober. That worked most of the time, but the times I broke it, made my life uncomfortable enough that it was easier just to quit…

    Anyway, I’m sure there won’t be any alcohol at gallery openings in Yeaman. So you’re safe, Al.

    Good luck

    • ITSB!

      Thanks for chiming in on this. As one of the few people i know who’s actually quit and stay quit, your opinion carries a lot of weight around here.

      As someone who’s quit smoking a million times and fallen off the wagon a million more, i do realize how ridiculous those little rules are. i understand that they’re temporary stopgaps and that eventually the drinking will become a problem and i’ll have to go back on the wagon. i guess that’s what i meant with the whole ‘rule / tattoo’ simile. The time will come when i’ll exploit the shit out of that rule and i’ll have to adapt (read “quit drinking”) again, but it’s working for me at the moment so i light as well ride the wave while it’s carrying me.

      About the gallery openings… Thanks for spelling “Yeaman” correctly! i think i misspelled it in my post as “Yemen”, which is a real country. i’ve pr’olly mentioned before that my “Yeaman” is a fictional country that i use so people who know me won’t recognize me because i want to be able to share things here that i wouldn’t necessarily want my entourage to know about. Long story not as long, in my fictional “Yeaman” they have wine at lunch and cocktails at gallery openings.

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

      Al K Hall

      PS So did you let the friend come over and drink or not?

      • Yeah, quitting smoking and quitting drinking were very similar experiences to me, although the withdrawals were different. In both cases, I got away from the addictive substance and worked on re-structuring my life without it. Setting goals and rewards and punishments and all that operant conditioning stuff helped. Successfully quitting booze or nicotine required a lot of planning and a lot of work to see it through.

        No, I didn’t let my friend drink at my place because it was a mess and I reminded him he had to take care of his dogs while his wife and kid were away. Rather, we met at a nice place in Malibu and had lunch and we drank lemonade and he got whatever it was off his chest. Then he decided to quit drinking too. Not sure how that turned out. I think I’ll give him a buzz.

        Keep your head, Al. It’s what’s gonna get you out of this funk.


      • Hi there, brother,

        When this new rule set proves to be buggered, i’m gonna come back atcha and ask for some more concrete information on “operant conditioning”. Just so’s ya know 😉

        Thanks for aptronizing me, man

        Al K Hall

    • If you know your rule set is destined to fail, why are doing it? Doesn’t seem like the right attitude from the get-go, there mate.

      • Yeah, i know, but it’s working super well for me right now so i’ll ride the wave as long as it lasts. i haven’t had a drink since a bottle of wine at lunch on Monday, haven’t had a cigarette since late Sunday night… If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? It’ll pro’lly break eventually, but that doesn’t mean i should scrap it right now, i guess is what i’m sayin’.

        Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

        Al K Hall

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