Miley Cyrus is Drunk

Remember back when you were 17 and you couldn’t get drunk at home because you starred in a kiddie show and everybody thought you were super religious and a good role model (even if you posted pictures of yourself in a bra on the internet)? And remember how you wanted to get your drink on? So remember how you hopped on a plane and flew to Europe where they didn’t give a rat’s ass how old you were as long as you were cute and drinking? Ah, those were the days.

Joining the ranks of Emma Watson and Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus has flown the cuckoo’s coop of American puritanism to Europe, the land of the really and truly free.

But hell, she didn’t have to fly all the way to France. If she’d have come to the Bar None, i woulda hooked her up.

This is the part where i lie and tell you i got this directly from the source. Not from The Superficial. No way. i was at the club and partied with Miley and she bought me drinks and we sang “Up Where We Belong” at karaoke until i puked on her lap and she peed her pants. Yep, never even heard of The Superficial.

9 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus is Drunk

  1. You’re only young once. As long as she does not go the Way of the Ho Han, I say, “Party it up, girl.” I don’t think MC is going to age well (she’s really not that attractive IMHO, and I don’t envision things getting better for her, although at least she’ll be able to afford the cosmetic procedures to make the best of it), so she might as well live it up ’til she can’t live it down, to quote one of my favorite writers, while she can.

    • i agree 100% on all counts. She’s maybe a little cute because she’s so young, but even then there are a lot of other starlettes who are way cuter. She ahs a middle aged face already and she’s only 17. i also agree with you and Rodney that she has every right to party it up as much as she wants. You’re only young once and i’m scared shitless of when i’ll get old so until then i’m gonna party like it’s 1999. (Whaddya mean i’m showing my age?)

      Al K Hall

  2. While you’re young enough to go out and party like that, good luck to her. Old farts like myself can only stay home and prop up the TV remote with a glass of sparkling in hand.

    Miss D, she’s not attractive? Ahh hell, compared to Ho Han (ha ha) I’d consider MC a work of pure female art!!!

    Still, I agree that she probably wont age gracefully. Check out her dad.

    • yeah, i gotta go with Miss D on this one. MC just isn’t as cute as a 17-year-old should be. Still, i agree with both y’all that she won’t age gracefully and that she has every right to party now.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  3. Miley Cyrus freaks me out. The first time I saw a vid of her, I thought it was a drag impersonation. She has the voice of a 35 yr old man, but I’ll betcha she can belch the alphabet.

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