The Booze Talkin’: My Exclusive Interview with DEVANNY PINN

[Al K Hallism: All photos link to Devanny’s website.]

From the juiced-box and one of Devanny’s favorite bands: Hollywood Undead – Undead

Some of y’all will have vague memories of my Booze Revooze of Piranha 3D, the rest of you are probably still hungover. Though i found the beginning of the movie a little fishy, i eventually got hooked, especially by Devanny Pinn who caught my eye in the key role of Wet T-Shirt Girl. Imagine my surprise when i dropped her a line and she went for the interview hook, line and sinker.

And what an interview it was. Charming, intelligent, funny and unbelievably cool, she lived up to all my expectations and more. Here then is an interview that not even i could choke up. Boozehounds and Barmaids, i give you the Queen of Scream, Devanny Pinn.

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Re-Runs: The Booze Talkin’ with GABRIELLE CHAPIN

Sunset Hair photo © Gabrielle Chapin / GChapin Sutdios

Babes! You’ll never guessed who dropped in the Bar None today… Perhaps our “oldest” regular, Gabrielle Chapin.

My very first Booze Revooze was about Final Destination 4; i’ve linked it in case you want to go back and check out the “grade school photo” version of what has since grown up into such a hot category it risks taking over this whole blog.

i’ve told the story a gazillion times but i never tire of it. One of the actresses, Gabrielle Chapin, took issue with some of my remarks in the review and she commented on her displeasure at the bottom of the post. i responded by dedicating an entire entry to her, called “Famous People Know Me: An Open Letter to Gabrielle Chapin“. This exchange sprawled into my first interview.

Yeah, i know, with the deft skill i interview all these babes with, you were convinced i’ve been interviewing hot young ladies since i staggered out of the womb. Yeah, but no. Gabrielle broke my interview cherry. She was very gentle and guided me through it and when i thought i wasn’t gonna be able to keep it up, her encouragement and patience gave me the endurance i needed to finally come through.

Anyway, when i opened up the Bar None this afternoon, guess who was waiting for me? Gabrielle. My first. She’d left a comment on that interview letting me know she’s started her own website: GChapin Studios. Would you do an old alkie a favor and stop by her site and check out some of her gorgeous photography? It’d do my liver good…

In honor of her visit, i’m reposting the original interview, which first appeared on December 12 of last year.

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