The Booze Talkin’: My Exclusive Interview with DEVANNY PINN

[Al K Hallism: All photos link to Devanny’s website.]

From the juiced-box and one of Devanny’s favorite bands: Hollywood Undead – Undead

Some of y’all will have vague memories of my Booze Revooze of Piranha 3D, the rest of you are probably still hungover. Though i found the beginning of the movie a little fishy, i eventually got hooked, especially by Devanny Pinn who caught my eye in the key role of Wet T-Shirt Girl. Imagine my surprise when i dropped her a line and she went for the interview hook, line and sinker.

And what an interview it was. Charming, intelligent, funny and unbelievably cool, she lived up to all my expectations and more. Here then is an interview that not even i could choke up. Boozehounds and Barmaids, i give you the Queen of Scream, Devanny Pinn.

There i was, drinking at the scene of the crime. A drunk bus driver had rolled a schoolbus full of high school cheerleaders down the sharp side of a rocky cliff and i was sitting on a dislodged tire drinking bloody marys when the hottest cheerleader of the bod squad rose from the mangled pile of limbs, pushing debris from her flesh, sweeping bone chips off her short skirt and combing muscle and gristle from her hair with her fingernails. She snagged the bottle of peppermint schnapps the driver hadn’t finished before going over the edge and collapsed beside me. Wiping someone else’s sinew away from her blood red eyes, i recognized her. “Devanny Pinn! The all time coolest horror actress, model and professional lady wrestler ever! Can i take advantage of your addled mental state and ask you some invasive questions?” She mumbled something that sounded close enough to “Yes” for me to go for it.

Al K Hall: Hey, when you were young and whipping and snapping in—

Devanny Pinn: …Houston, Texas…

Al K Hall: –Houston, Texas, did you freak out all the other little kids with your love of all things gory?

Devanny: I’ve been a fan of horror films since about middle school. However, no, I did not freak the other kids out. Actually, I was the perky cheerleader/choir girl. In my personal life, still even, I’m very upbeat and girlie. You would never know that I am a total gore-whore sicko. [Ah, you’ve never seen a smile more sly than the one she just slid me with what was left of her mouth.] Friends tell me I have the same excited squeak for Disney as I do for the disturbing parts of films.

Al K Hall: Babe, sometimes Disney is more disturbing than any horror film. What about you, you gotta have some Disney secrets, right?

Devanny: Like I said, I’m very perky and low-key. I’m generally extremely happy about nothing.

Al K Hall: Then I could make you so happy. What else?

Devanny: I wear PJs 90% of the time…except when I’m going out and then I dress up very glam. I go to church often and try to make it to the gym. I Tivo Family Guy, Bellydance Workout, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a variety of movies. Currently, I’m eating rice and beans with avocado. It is yummy in my tummy. Oh yes.

Al K Hall: What about your girlie stuff?

Devanny: My hair is totally fake. I am a huge fan of extensions so even when it’s all one color, it’s not mine! Often my tan is fake too—I found this spray tan gun that’s pretty cheap and I just bought a fake-n-bake membership as well. It makes it easier to change my look quickly and drastically for roles.

Al K Hall: And the rock and roll?

Devanny: No scars..or tats. Lame, right? I do have a subtle birthmark on my inner thigh, a pierced navel and nipple… sometimes I connect them with a chain.

Al K Hall: Don’t worry about the drool, it always does this. Wow, speaking of things i’d really like to have photographic evidence of, you were a high school cheerleader?

Devanny: Ah, yes. I’m a better dancer, I’ll admit. However I did cheer freshman and senior years of high school. It was sooo much fun. I was in killer shape and I’m naturally bouncy so I was always a crowd favorite.

Al K Hall: Killer shape and bouncy is good.

Devanny: When I started acting, I ended up using those skills in my side job: Hooters.

Al K Hall: Hell yes. And the hits just keep on coming. Basically you’ve done every stereotypical male fantasy career. Like what about stewardess?

Devanny: Being an actor comes in handy for many things. I learned this when I attempted to obtain jobs that I am nowhere near qualified for. It also means that I interview well. Some poor sucker actually hired me and I went to flight school for several months—10 hours a day 6 days a week. Originally, I just did it so I could go to auditions in other states before I moved to Los Angeles. I never had enough time off to do that, but I actually loved the job. If my films flop and everyone decides to never hire me again to act, I might pursue it as a backup career.

Al K Hall: Not that there’s any chance your films could ever flop or that your acting career could be anything less than stellar, but you also have your singing to fall back on. i mean, seriously, a classically trained soprano?

Devanny: Ha, yes. I actually have put this on the backburner. I studied a bit in college, was on scholarship for voice. I ended up leaving school because I was actually getting cast in things, which was my goal post-grad. I sang in a couple girl pop groups before I took on acting full-time. It was fun, but I was always the most dedicated person. I enjoy singing still, but would rather do it in church or in a movie.

[AlKHallism: While not technically a girl’s band, here’s another group Devanny likes: Some Hear Explosions – It’s Our Time Now]

Al K Hall: There’s always drunk karaoke.

Devanny: I don’t do karaoke. In Los Angeles it’s not fun—everyone is trying to get discovered or be on American Idol. Besides, it’s always funny to get drunk and try to sing, or watch others do it. But when the drunk person can belt like an opera singer…yeah, I try not to put people through that, ha ha.

Al K Hall: You could put me through it. You’ve even been Eva Peron in Evita and Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Super Star! Will you please please please sing “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” and stare into my eyes?

Devanny: Yes, I will sing to you. That is actually how I got that role — I held the director and sang right into his eyes longingly. He was into it…and he’s gay. So you are in for a treat, my dear. [Her wink is so hot it could convert a twink.]

Al K Hall: Ooh, you are such a rock tease. Just so you know, i’m gonna hold you to that and anything else you’ll let me hold. Back to the treats, it was a treat to see you in Piranha 3D. Let me guess, you fish?

Devanny: I LOVE to fish! I tend to feel bad after I actually catch something…but the entire process is soo fun to me. I have gone deep-sea fishing, crabbing and out on the lake a few times, too and I really enjoy it. I haven’t caught a piranha yet, but ironically enough, a few have caught me. [There’s that wink again and we have to wait for my lap to settle down before we can continue.]

Al K Hall: Is that how you got the part of “Wet T-Shirt Girl”?

Devanny: I was broke [cute smile and batting of eyelashes]. I was coming off of another shoot and my modeling agent was booking “hot chicks” for yet another project. This one was a horror film so I was curious about it. She needed featured girls for a wet shirt scene and then general bikini girls to decorate spring break. I booked it for the background, not wanting to be noticed at all but just to collect a check. In the end they needed to redo the wet t-shirt contest scene for the end massacre and I was picked out of the crowd to be bumped up. Alex Aja was great, he seemed to like me and gave me a little extra screen time—I even was in the film trailer for .938439 seconds.

Al K Hall: Also known as the best 0.938439 seconds of the trailer. What about Alex? What was it like working with him?

Devanny: He was pretty cool actually. My interaction with him was minimal. I saw him a little more closely at after-parties and lunch breaks, but because of the setups on the water he and most of the crew were on their own separate float and direction was done over walkie-talkie/phone. It was very cool to watch him run a set of, at times, 1500 people though. He’s got great vision.

Al K Hall: He’s a Frenchie, right? So there must’ve been tons of wine all over the place. Did they put you up in a nice hotel and give you free booze?

Devanny: Ha! You’re funny. And no they didn’t….nope.

Al K Hall: What a drag. But Piranha is set during Spring Break. Wasn’t the filming like one giant party?

Devanny: I was two weeks on location [AlKHallism: Lake Havasu, Arizona]. It was like spring break except without the booze and you weren’t allowed to get too tan, at times couldn’t go to the bathroom or have access to water, and required to “party” 14 hours a day. Which is awesome.

Al K Hall: Whoa, i can see no peeing or water, but i’m not sure “no booze” qualifies as a party.

Devanny: I’ll say it here first..I snuck vodka a couple of the days. Those were the fun ones.

Al K Hall: Go Girl! Thanks for the scoop. Did you steal, i mean “keep”, any souvenirs from the shoot?

Devanny: I did keep my wet t-shirt at first. It got lost in a move and my insane amount of traveling. I shot the film like a year ago now so I really kind of forgot about a lot of it. Had I known it was going to do as well as it did, I would have kept it and the ton of photos/video I had from the set.

Al K Hall: i kinda understand though, because you, young lady, do a lot more in a year than three alkies combined. Which of your current projects are the ones we should be paying special attention?

Devanny: Legend of the Red Reaper is a really cool project that a good friend of mine, Tara Cardinal produced, wrote, and stars in. It is a fantasy/action film and I have a cameo with Troma‘s Lloyd Kaufman. It was a lot of fun to film and should be a good watch. Diary of Death is interesting, too—the product of well-known underground music producer Joe Hollow. The whole film has a music video feel to it and I play an Egyptian goddess. The more hardcore cult scene should love it.

Al K Hall: Hey, i’m all about the cult and the love, and don’t even talk to me about the hardcore. You know, if i don’t humiliate either of us too much in this chat, maybe you could tell them i give good interview? With all this great stuff to look forward to, it’s hard to believe you’ve already made like a gazillion movies. Which of your early work made the biggest impression on you?

Devanny: Probably The Lonely Ones because it was my first. I learned a ton about filmmaking from that set, and also how much more I enjoy making horror than anything else. Song of the Shattered (which is debuting this month) is dear to me as well. My first time doing anything behind the camera and a piece I am proud of acting-wise. I hope people enjoy it. [AlKHallism: Be sure to check out the Song of the Shattered” preview here. While you’re at it, you also need to see Devanny’s “15 Till Midnight” trailer to believe it.]

Al K Hall: Topping all that off like a free refill in Happy Hour, you’re already a producer! Babe! Are you the youngest producer in the history of the world or what?

Devanny: [Her smile warms my cold heart like a shot of whiskey in the middle of winter.] I’m new to producing…got my feet wet in Song of the Shattered. Currently, I’m producing a sci-fi film called Vivid. I’m learning from Tara Cardinal and after that we are co-producing the upcoming action/horror film Dog Fight. I really love the whole filmmaking process so I am lucky to have the opportunity to jump right in. In the next few years, I hope to direct. Horror needs a twisted lady’s touch.

Al K Hall: Yeah, horror’s not the only thing, babe. Speaking of how i shouldn’t ever be allowed to interview naked, my fiancée, Miss Demeanor, would find twisted and horrible ways of killing me if i didn’t ask you about your appearance in Running With Scissors.

Devanny: I did a scene for this while I was out visiting a friend in Los Angeles. I didn’t know what the film was when I came out for it. All I knew was that Brad Pitt was producing, ha ha. I was psyched and spent like 3 hours getting ready, hoping he would be there. Of course he wasn’t…but better than that was the scene with Annette Benning. She is flat out brilliant. Her stand-in did the scene half of the day and I had the lines memorized and was bored to tears. Annette came in and suddenly it was a whole new experience. She is just fascinating to watch! Sweet as can be, too. I just loved working with her.

Al K Hall: There’s no way she can be as sweet as you, though. You even do charity work, for Christ’s sake. What’s the “Scream for a Cause Foundation” and “Costumes for Kids”? If any of my readers are interested or drunk, what’s the best way for them to contribute?

Devanny: Yes, the only thing more important to me than my work is my foundation. “Scream for a Cause” is a charitable organization I created in which people within the genre use their names, following and influence to give back. Previously, we held a blood drive to benefit the victims of Haiti and next up we’re collecting Halloween costumes, makeup, decor and funds to give kids who may not otherwise have it a Trick-or-Treating experience! If you would like to help we are VERY glad to have you. Gently used kids costumes or a donation of any size makes a huge difference—you can go to for additional details. Thank you!

Al K Hall: In keeping with the “charity work” theme, you’ve done tons of these interviews and everyone asks what you want to say to your fans. Because i’m an interviewer rebel who still sucks at this, i’m gonna ask you a different question. What do you want to tell a fan who’s totally shitfaced and keeps coming up to your table in a club to tell you how awesome you are?

Devanny: “I am going to tell you—I already know. Thanks drunkers. Now sit your ass down and have another drink. In fact, buy me one while you’re at it. Drinks speak louder than compliments. Cheers.”

Al K Hall: “Drinks speak louder than words”… [i get a little choked up here and start guy crying.] That’s beautiful. So beautiful it almost makes me want to spare you the mandatory Bar None Questionnaire. Almost. Here it goes. What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?

Devanny: Blue Moon, X-rated Vodka, Bacardi Bay Breeze, Bloody Marys and Cabernet Sauvignon (which I had to pull out and have a glass of since I didn’t know how to spell it).

Al K Hall: Bottoms up, babe! Thank God you don’t have to spell it to drink it. When was the last time you had a hangover?

Devanny: Hmm…last week. I usually either have a glass of wine or I’m out to get plastered. I’m kind of an all-or-nothing type of chick. My drinking habits match. I get totally wasted and wake up with a hangover almost every time I drink. That only stops me once in a while.

Al K Hall: “All-or-nothing”? “One glass or out to get plastered”? “Get wasted and have a hangover every time I drink”? Nope, don’t know any of those expressions. Never had any of that happen to me. Ever. EXCEPT ALL THE TIME. Holy shit, it’s like you’re my skoal-mate! Wait, do you smoke?

Devanny: NOOOO! BAD bad bad bad. I am an unofficial spokesperson for the anti-smoking population. That and I’m allergic to cigarettes. I do smoke hookah, though. But why smoke when I can drink?? Booze…yes, booze.

Al K Hall: Why not smoke when you can do both? Nah, i see where you’re coming from in a way. Like i’m allergic to hangovers, they always make me as sick as a dog. Hookahs, though, that’s cool. What’s your favorite swear word? Do you swear? A lot?

Devanny: Fuck no, I don’t swear. Damn it, who the hell swears?

Al K Hall: Fuck if i know. Speaking of profanity, what’s your favorite thing about me, Al K Hall?

Devanny: You have the best name…ever. I totally looked at it like 5 times before I noticed, actually. Ha ha, don’t judge me!! You have totally inspired me to be hooked on your site and to get drunk tonight. You rock my sick twisted alcoholic world. On behalf of all the boozeho’s out there: thank you, Al.

Al K Hall: [Blushing uncontrollably and blubbering almost as much as he drools…] No, thank you, darling. That’s the nicest thing i’ve heard since the last time i was sober. Yes, that long. Next round’s on me and you can come back any time you like.

[Another band Devanny’s into: Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s A Zombie For You]

And that’s all she wrote, literally. Of course, there was no bus accident for her to stumble from in a short cheerleader skirt torn so high you can you see the birthmark on her inner thigh. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for her, the entire interview was conducted through e-mail. i messed around with my questions to create the illusion that we were together, but i have left her answers unscathed.

All that remains is to thank Devanny for her precious time and her priceless answers. She is truly a wonderful lady and it’s been a great pleasure for me to work with her.

3 thoughts on “The Booze Talkin’: My Exclusive Interview with DEVANNY PINN

  1. What a fun, fun interview! I love it when the people you interview are savvy and intelligent enough to play with the questions and answer them so that they are amusing, witty, and flow in such a natural way it seems as if they really are speaking with you. Devanny is one of those people. 🙂 She is a really good sport for playing along, and she really gives a lot of great information about herself and her career here! I hope it will help her along to get her even more work.

    And also I hope this garners support for her charity — how cool is that?! I LOVE the idea of costumes for kids.

    Kudos to you both for this great read!

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