How i Was Spent My XX-Mas Vacation – DAYS 4 & 5

From the juiced-box and a killer beautiful song: Mazzy Star – Wasted

[Press ‘Play’ for a taste of Hope]

Day 4

In staying with the No Hangover theme of this vacation, i kept the quantities low and experimented with whatever new crap i found in the fridge. For example, i had a Warfteiner, which apparently is a Premium Dunkel. You know a beer is too good for you when you don’t know how to pronounce it. Because of this, i shall forthwith in all my Spoonertastic talents, be referring to this as Fart Wiener. Yeah, that’ll take ‘er down a notch.

So i had one of those bad boys but then i went back to slummin’ it with my Buds.

Total Damage

  • 1 Fart Wiener
  • 2 Buds

Day 5

Pretty much the same as above, ‘cept i had 4 Buds instead of 2. The interesting thing about today was that Sea-Grams (my mom) got tipsy (she always taught me that a lady never gets drunk, she gets tipsy). i take a lot after her, apparently, because she started getting really talkative and trying to engage everyone in conversation just like i do when i drink, and i felt the frustration Miss Demeanor and my offspring feel when i’m that way while buzzing. i learned i’m not as entertaining as i think i am when i’m liquatious (liquored up and loquacious).

Total Damage

  • 1 Fart Wiener
  • 4 Buds