Jaime Pressly Mugshot

Here’s a tune from the Juiced-box, dedicated to Jaime Pressly: Offspring – D.U.I.

[Press ‘Play’ for the freeway ride right out the trailer park]

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Y’all up for a little My Name is Hurl?

The ever so hot Jaime Pressly (33) was pulled over at 11pm last night (that’d be Wednesday, January 5, 2011 for those of you keeping score) in Santa Monica and, after failing a field sobriety test, popped for D.U.I. The po-po didn’t release her BAC , but the fact that she was held overnight on $15,000 bail implies that she was at least 0.15, which is twice the legal limit. (Cali cops usually slap 5 grand on less than 0.15.) Our hearts and prayers go out to this lady who made trailer trash sexy with her portrayal as “Joy Farrah Darville Hickey Turner” in TV’s My Name Is Earl. Keep a stiff upper bottoms up, babe.

The Bar None’s Drawers

Jaime Pressly is Golden

Jaime Pressly in the Bar None

6 thoughts on “Jaime Pressly Mugshot

  1. You would thik that a series of publisity shots of hotties next to mug shos would do much to make vane folks shy away from the bottle.
    (hottie + bottle = mug shot.
    Hint, drinking make OTHER people look hot

    • Wayne! Nice to see you, brother,

      True dat.

      Still, Jaime’s mugshot looks a hell of a lot better than Nick Nolte’s, am i right?

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  2. Did you see her in that great film DOA? And by great I mean shitehouse but still fun to watch… She’s hot as, and I don’t mind her getting a little frisky with the booze…. as long as she keeps wearing very little, I’ll be a happy boy!
    Al, perhaps you should try asking her to visit the Bar None to explain herself!!

    • DOA! What a classic. The kind of movie you would never see in the cinema but instead put it on the big screen some random Saturday afternoon with the sound off and The Prodigy blaring in the background while you drink ice cold beer straight from the bottle and try to decide whose turn it is to make the munchie run.

      Mmmmm….Devon Aoki. (Who also rocked Sin City, just sayin’.)

      Yeah, interviewing her for the Bar None. i’m all over it and will keep you posted.

      Thanks for patronizing me, man,

      Al K Hall

  3. The Rod has a great idea. I’m sure right now she would *not* do it as if the case goes to court she’ll have to remain mum on the topic, but it’s a good thought.

    I hope she gets things figured out for herself.

    Mostly what I thought of this post was, though, “Maaaaaaan, if I looked as good as Jaime Pressly does naked, I would be naked ALL the time!” She’s incredible. **envy** (For the nice nude bod she has. Not so much for the DUI sitch. I definitely would keep my varicose veins over being in the clink for a DUI.)

    • Y’all crack me up with how much blog cred you give me. i’ll be sure to get on that interview with Jaime right after i wrap up the little chat i had with Obama. Maybe i can slide her in between Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley. Yeach, ’cause everyone knows “A-List” means “Alchohol – List” and everyone wants to be represented her in the Bar None.

      As for her bod, i dunno either. Looking at some of the topless shots i found (but didn’t post because that’s what kind of polite i am), her boobs look inflated and you know me, i’m all about the small and naturals.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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