Hot Wine

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From the juiced-box and dedicated to the Lady In Red (Wine): Savanna Samson – Kiss You All Over

What does the world need more of? Sure, peace and love and multiple orgasms for men … but what does the world need most of? You got it, singing porn stars that make their own wine.

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Barhounds and beermaids, i give you Savanna Samson. This charming young lady has bared her star power in such clitically exclaimed endeavors as Poke Her, Debbie Does Dallas…Again, I Was A Teenage MILF, not to mention The Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection.

Even better, like you thought there could be better and there even is: This gorgeous and multifaceted starlette uses some of her less obvious talents to produce one of the finest wines in the world, Sogno Uno, which is Italian for “Dream One”. i dreamed one all right and it looked a whole hell of a lot like Savanna pouring me a glass of her own wine personally. Which would go something like this:

Gently prick the stiff tip into the meaty pulp of the cork and slowly, slowly screw it deeper and deeper until it will go no further. Grab the bottle firmly toward the top and, using a languid, tugging motion, continue to pull the cork until it pops. Collect the rich, flowing nectar in a glass, sniff its musky odor, lick the elixir with the tip of your tongue to get just a taste and then swallow, swallow it all until you feel sated with pleasure.

Now that’s how you drink a glass of wine.

In even better news: Savanna Samson will be paying a visit to the Bar None very soon. Hang around, you won’t want to miss the Booze Talkin’ with her.

The Bar None’s Drawers

Savanna Samson at the Bar None

A special thanks to Wayne, who brought this tit-bit to my attention.