Hot Wine

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From the juiced-box and dedicated to the Lady In Red (Wine): Savanna Samson – Kiss You All Over

What does the world need more of? Sure, peace and love and multiple orgasms for men … but what does the world need most of? You got it, singing porn stars that make their own wine.

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Barhounds and beermaids, i give you Savanna Samson. This charming young lady has bared her star power in such clitically exclaimed endeavors as Poke Her, Debbie Does Dallas…Again, I Was A Teenage MILF, not to mention The Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection.

Even better, like you thought there could be better and there even is: This gorgeous and multifaceted starlette uses some of her less obvious talents to produce one of the finest wines in the world, Sogno Uno, which is Italian for “Dream One”. i dreamed one all right and it looked a whole hell of a lot like Savanna pouring me a glass of her own wine personally. Which would go something like this:

Gently prick the stiff tip into the meaty pulp of the cork and slowly, slowly screw it deeper and deeper until it will go no further. Grab the bottle firmly toward the top and, using a languid, tugging motion, continue to pull the cork until it pops. Collect the rich, flowing nectar in a glass, sniff its musky odor, lick the elixir with the tip of your tongue to get just a taste and then swallow, swallow it all until you feel sated with pleasure.

Now that’s how you drink a glass of wine.

In even better news: Savanna Samson will be paying a visit to the Bar None very soon. Hang around, you won’t want to miss the Booze Talkin’ with her.

The Bar None’s Drawers

Savanna Samson at the Bar None

A special thanks to Wayne, who brought this tit-bit to my attention.

14 thoughts on “Hot Wine

  1. Man, when I opened this page up, I had to check over the shoulder to make sure the wife wasn’t watching!
    A porn star who makes wine? Shit man, sign her up for a long term contract pouring stiffies at the Bar None – if you get my drift.

    • Just imagine how hot it’s gonna be in here when she does the interview! i’ll be writing it tis weekend and sending it off Monday – Tuesday so it should be posted in the Bar None late next week.

  2. Interesting. I was about to write a little essay for you about the gym in the San Fernando (aka Pr0n) Valley where I used to work out. Seeing a few pr0n stars in the flesh there almost ruined pr0n for me. I was going to conclude “If you want to cure your pr0n obsession, see your favorite pr0n star in real life.”

    But then you mention Savanna. Oh what a beauty! If you’re not done with your interview with her, could you please ask if she used to teach a Bikram Yoga class in Encino? When I was taking classes, there was one hot “hot yoga” instructor named Savanna, and I swear it was her. I took yoga so I could meet chicks, but this woman was so hot, that she turned the class into a snausage fest with every mook in the valley coming to look at her. Doing yoga for 90 minutes in a 103F room with a bunch of guys was no fun, no matter how hot the instructor was….

    Anyway, I stopped watching Pr0n around the 26th of December cause I was mad that I had no courage to approach Erin. So far so good…no withdrawals or anything…and I moved to Santa Monica, so there are plenty of candidates for a Miss Boat in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.


    • Happy New Year, Brother,

      Thanks for the note! i’ve been “clean” for about a year now, ever since Miss D and i mutually decide lines needed to be drawn. Alcohol and cigarettes are a much harder monkey to slay, for sure (i quit smoking about a week ago and i’m feeling the burn).

      i’ll be more than happy to ask Savanna about the gym thing, though. Man, do you get to know everyone by living in California?

      Keep up the good work on the hunt for Mrs Boat. i’d say i was “pulling for you” but i’m not sure that would sound right.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

      • I’ve met a few very interesting people while living in LA. I had a famous rock star neighbor when I lived in the hills, a business associate who played a major part in a John Hughes film or two back in the day, and went to the same gym as a pr0n actress whose ass was called “the crown jewel of porn.” It was kinda gross when she did squats and you could see her intestine fall out, though. I guess that’s what 1500 anal scenes will do to someone. That’s when I changed gyms and decided to moderate the pr0n.

        Smoking and drinking are a nightmare combination. Whenever I tried to quit smoking, I would drink more to compensate for the lack of nicotine. And then being drunk, I’d just start smoking again. So it seemed to never end. I managed to quit smoking for 8 years and then started again when George W. Bush was president. I found it much harder to quit the second time as I was older and my drinking had gotten much worse. After fighting it for quite a while, my desire to smoke finally dropped like a scab that was ready to come off after I quit drinking. Going to the gym and running helped me realize the damage I was doing to my lungs. But man, what an ordeal…. I feel for you. Keep fighting that one; it’s far worse than pr0n in the long run.

      • Who was the famous rock star? What actor and what John Hughes film? Spill!

        i’ve cut way back on the drinking, actually. Something about drinking daily and yet still avoiding a hangover during my three weeks in the States kind of taught me it’s possible not to get shit faced every time i drink. So i had a couple glasses of wine at lunch the other day and cut myself off during the cocktail party at work last Friday. No booze since then and i’m working on my fifth day without smokes and it’s getting easier. All the more impressive when you think about the stress i’m under with the risk of being evicted at the beginning of March…

        Who’s hanging in there? i am…

        Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

        Al K Hall

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