Thank You, Again

Here’s the official press release. Dry as a heave it may be, but there you go:

Hi Kids,

Just to let you know, after a stay of 10 days, i’m out of the hospital and doing well. Unfortunately, the computer died while i was there (right now i’m on the expresso‘s laptop) so i won’t be able to give you all the dirt for the moment.

Please know i’ve read all your comments, even if i don’t have the time for the moment to respond, and your support in this trying time is very much appreciated. i’ll be keeping you ‘posted’.

Thank you for patronizing me,

Al K Hall

8 thoughts on “Thank You, Again

    • Thanks for the encouragement, A Struggler!

      i’m getting back on top of things and taking those baby steps one at a time.

      Thanks for patronizing me, man,

      Al K Hall

  1. Uncharted water here. Not used to a bartender with problems – usually its his customers who have the dramas, right?

    Get well soon, get back to work, and pour me a damn beer dude. It’s been ages, and I’m parched.

    (seriously though, take some time away and get yaself better.)

    • The Rod!

      No worries, brother. Things here are moving forward and ahead. Here’s the beer you asked for, kept the mug all frosted for you and everything.

      Sorry to throw you off with the drama, there, man, but never a dull moment in the Bar None, y’know?

      Back to a normal posting schedule soon. Thanks for the good wishes and

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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