Sex & The Pity

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Remember how you didn’t like Sex in the City because you were a guy? Sure, there were some cute girls but were they really all that cute? Honestly? Not so much but they were for sure more annoying with the way they only drank Manhattans and thought they were better than everybody else and went around convincing real women that these characters’ imaginary TV problems were much more important than the really real women we lived with in every day life’s problems.

An April Fool

Well finally there’s some good news and I don’t mean a lesbian porn spoof with hotter actresses called Sex and the Titty. Nope, this good news smells like Kim Cartel being drunk off her ass and spewing verbal diarrhea on some poor unsuspecting female journalist who pro’lly deserved it at least a little bit because she was asking about Cat-tail’s shag while on the red carpet.

According to the very reputed New York Post, the actress didn’t like being asked about a bikini wax so went off on the journalist. She said cool shit like, “Why don’t you work at — what’s that news agency — Roybers?” but couldn’t have been too angry because she gave the chastised reporter some damn good advice: “What about writing for a blog? Then you can write about what you want [or] care about.”

The reason the altercation oozed its way here into the Celeb Dregs is the excuse Kim to wash away her sins. The ever popular “Yeah, sorry, I’ve been drinking.” We’ve all been there before, Kim.

The other good news is that the reason Kim Can’t Tell was being interviewed in the first place was that she starred in Meet Monica Velour an upcoming movie about an old porn star living in a trailer park.The even better really food news is that i got a spread of Kim and her Cattrall you want plus it’s when she was younger, albeit more sober.

Al K Hall’s Drawers


Kim Cattrall in the Bar None

14 thoughts on “Sex & The Pity

  1. “movie about an old porn star living in a trailer park”

    Um, don’t all old pornstars that haven’t gone into Real Estate on the side end up on an Orange County trailer park near the rail road tracks? I’ve often wondered “where are they now” and that is what I find listed (or dead, but that’s another story).

    • Yep, and this is a movie about that trailer park, where i’d live if i wasn’t in Yemen and engaged to be married.

      Thanks for patronizing me, Brother,

      Al K Hall

  2. When I eventually get to hell, and I know I will, I have a sneaking suspicion that my eternal torment might be listening to sexual innuendo delivered constantly by Cattrall. Dear God please let it not be her.

    Personally, I’ve seen sexier turds on the sidewalk.

    • You crack me up, Brother!

      i dunno, she’s sexy enough in photos but i get what you mean about the whole Sex & The City innuendo thing. Stay out of hell is all i can say…

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  3. Wow! Hot girl! All my possible kids went down the toilet.
    With a microscope, it may looked like a refugee camp.

  4. Hey! A site about drinking and fun! This is just so great! I love to write and on fun sites like this! I`m so happy. This means something. I also love the fine language used by all the blessed visitors and ofcourse the primos motor.
    Well, anyway, what should I write next? A story maybe. Hmm, good idea! Or, no. A joke would be better. It goes like t.. What in fuckin hell is this?? I`m fucking out of writing space here man!

  5. Watte hell are you doing now son? Mastrubating? Yes! OK! Hurry up, we got stuff to do! Come quick son!

  6. It is a major problem to be president. I`m not pulling rank, but to be a president is harder than being a major.

  7. Major problems!
    Seeing this woman, that reminds me of my pants. They are stretchy for an obvious reason, -so it looks good after my grandma has washed it.
    One night I was more than drunk, I went to the first bed in da house. I slept, but a lady woke me up. Fucking she, what was that? That was my grandma telling me not to touch her boobs.
    I puked that morning.

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