If you’re looking for the Booze Revooze of SUCKER PUNCH, i keep that over here. If you’re looking for pics of the actresses in the movie, you’ve come in the right place. Welcome to my drawers.

Emily Browning (22)

Emily Browning in the Bar None

Abbie Cornish (28)

Abbie Cornish in the Bar None

Jena Malone (26)

Vanessa Hudgens (22)


A Message to me from Vanessa


Vanessa Hudgens in the Bar None

Jamie Chung (27)

Carla Gugino (39)

3 thoughts on “The Girls From SUCKER PUNCH

  1. Mess.

    I just made one.

    Sorry it took so long for me to comment on this Al, but I had to wait for the wife to go to work this evening before I could open this without getting a stern glance or “what the hell are you looking at” mutter….

  2. Is it weird that out of all that fine female form, I’d still go Carla Gugino before any of the others? She’s pushing 40, but man she’s hotter than the younger ones, IMHO!

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