Bats Pacing: Charlie Sheen, He’s BiSomething

[AlKHallism: i’m honored to have a guest poster today… Barmaids and beerhounds, i present Bats from THE SHE CHRONICLES. As a bipolar, recovering alcoholic i felt she was uniquely qualified to comment on Charlie Sheen’s decision to combat bipolarity and, goddess bless her, she agreed to share her perspectives on it for us. Please treat her with every drop of the love and respect you’ve spilled over me by visiting her site, liking this post and leaving a comment. With no further a-don’ts, i give you Bats and…]

Bats Pacing: Charlie Sheen, He’s BiSomething

We’ve known Charlie Sheen like this:

Enjoyed him like this:

Wondered about him like this:

Experienced him like this:

And now we all have concerns about him like this:

Tell me this man doesn’t freak you out?  I have major respect for Charlie Sheen.  I mean, shit, as a teenage girl I had posters on my wall of this man and trust me when I say a teenage girl can lust after Charlie Sheen. You put me in a room with him and five minutes later I swear I’d be sweating profusely and have the best orgasmic experience of my life, just by looking at him.

He’s grown old now, physically I mean.  Everytime I hear of him in the news I think, “Phew, he’s not dead yet.”  Sooner or later the alcohol, cocaine, goddesses and late nights were going catch up to him and, well, is it safe yet to say that it has?  Because it has.  Is he Bipolar?  I don’t have a PhD but, shit man, if it hangs like a Bat, smells like a Bat, and sucks blood like a Bat; doesn’t that mean it’s a fucking Bat?

So when I discovered that Charlie Sheen had come out as being “BiWinning”, it didn’t surprise me but he still assures his fans and audiences that he is not Bipolar.  Charlie sweetie, it’s okay to be Bipolar.  It just means you are REALLY fucking happy to hear from trolls! And REALLY fucking sad when they go.

So now we get a chance to see Charlie like this:

At least he’s doing something positive for the Bipolar community, hell he’s got the funds and swagger to pull this shit off.  Who knew Charlie Sheen had to start talking to trolls about phones before the mental health community got the attention it rightfully deserves?  I have to give him a pat on the back over this publicity stunt, and lets face it, that’s what it is in the end; just Charlie Sheen needing the approval of his fans so he knows in his Bipolar Disordered mind that he is still sought after, he needs everyone to be his “Yes Men” or women in whichever case.  I think he is so strung out on Bipolar Thoughts that he is bored to be near himself and his Torpedo Tour isn’t doing too bad but again I think he knows he’s a dying out fad and his balloon is popping.  I wish I could sit in the room with him for five minutes, have my orgasm and then try to understand why he so doesn’t like Charlie anymore.  Sad really because I still really like Charlie, Bipolar or not.  I don’t like his violent episodes but sometimes we feel frustrated and ourselves are the last ones we take it out on.

High Five Charlie on being BiWinning and BiWalking baby!  I hope he’ll come to the USA and do a BiWalk because hell we have a major dilemma in this country over what to do with mental health disorders and many don’t even believe Bipolar exists.

13 thoughts on “Bats Pacing: Charlie Sheen, He’s BiSomething

  1. Awesome post, Bats! Thanks so much for stepping up on this one and i hope to goddess you’ll be a regular poster here in the Bar None. Your brand of hard truth hits the spot and warms the bowels of my heart. Thanks again…

    Al K Hall

  2. Charlie Sheen has gone from A-grade celebrity to First Class Wanker in a matter of only a few months.

    Sorry, but I have no sympathy for the man.

    • Me either, but i’d like him to be Functional Alcoholic Slurperson and i need someone to mock when Hasselhoff has been so quite lately.

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother!

      Al K Hall

  3. Thank you Al for trusting me with my raw honesty on this subject. I’ve enjoyed The Bar None for so long now and to be asked to contribute to it is well an honor to me. You choke me up sometimes, man. Thank you.

    Hot Rod, thank you for your kind words and I understand rightfully about what you feel towards Charlie Sheen, he is an asshole and has treated many horribly throughout the years and that’s one reason why his Dad will not publicly come out and help him, he cut him off many years ago, oh after say the seventh rehab stunt. It’ll be great if Dr. Drew could get him on Celebrity Rehab and tear him a new asshole but Charlie won’t do that, he absolutely can not stand Dr. Pinsky which btw is another man that all of us women could sit in a room with and enjoy ourselves just by looking. 😉

    • What a sweet note! Thanks so much for sharing it and e”specially for sharing your thoughts. You have a unique vision and perspective on this sort of thing and we’re lucky to have you here so please feel free to post anytime. Mi bar es su bar. We’re honored that you’ve become part ofthe Bar None legacy!

      Thanks for patronizing us,

      Al K Hall

  4. Like so many in the news who are a victim of the byproducts of their success, are they to blame for what they are now? Does that mean we must also take the blame when our addictions take us where we swear we would not have otherwise gone?

    • On question one, I have mixed feelings on. Take Brittany Spears for example; that little girl was messed up beyond belief from her success well not really her success but those around her that she befriended during her climb to stardom. So I don’t feel she is completely to blame. But somehow Charlie Sheen seems different from that, maybe because he’s a man? I dunno.
      Question 2, unfortunately the answer is yes. I am to blame for my actions while being hypnotized by my addictions.

      • Bats!

        i dunno, i blame Britney and Charlie equally. It’s the same argument i made with Wayne…other people have gone through the same shit and not fallen into the same hole. There is, obviously, some ‘nurturing’ / caregiver issues involved but by shifting the blame away from ourselves and pushing responsibilty onto others, we’re also ignoring the problem and that’s what eventaully will drag us down.

        Thanks for patronizing me, Sister,

        Al K Hall

    • i’m all about owning up to one’s actions and taking responsibility. i don’t blame the events of January 11 on anyone but myself and to do so would be irresponible, cowardly and untrue.

      As for stars…other stars have become famous without going into the extremes and people who aren’t stars fall prey to their success. The fact one has become a celebrity should not be used as a get out of jail free card, as it so often is.

      Hell, when i’m famous, i’ll show all them fuckers!

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

      AL K Hall

  5. How I missed this, I dunno. For Britney I blame her parents for throwing her at the wolves as they did. Go sweetie be a star and then shake their head as she becomes what she’s taught to be.
    However I see your point here, ” The fact one has become a celebrity should not be used as a get out of jail free card, as it so often is.” Hell look at Lindsey Lohan! Pisses me off the way she’s treated in the court of law compared to the way I’ve was treated as a teenager when I felt I was above the law.

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