In The Same Boat: Another Patron Saint

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From the juiced-box and dedicated to ITSB: Jason Brown – We’re All In The Same Boat

In my rush to flush out last night’s dregs i did the undoable and neglected to give a hearty shout out to In the Same Boat. A regular commenter here and on other non/drinking blogs, Boat is the go to god for all that concerns recovery. In addition, he also was the first ever to guest post in the Bar None when he wrote the original Manifestive.

To give you an idea of just how invaluable his participation was, is, and will continue to be to the ambiance here in the Bar None, here’s a link he unearthed and posted in a recent comment: Alcohol Content – Cost Ratio and Alcohol Content – Fat ratio.

This link will let you get more buzz for the buck.

Rich or Poor?

This link will get you less butt for the buzz.

Fat or Skinny?

For the bottom line on what’s less fattening and cheapest…go Everclear.

ITSB, brother, sorry for my oversight yesterday, must be all that seeing double for so long. Here’s a near beer (but not Beck’s, too fattening) on the house.

6 thoughts on “In The Same Boat: Another Patron Saint

  1. Which begs the question of our loyal readers: when have YOU forgotten a good mate at a time when you should have remembered?

    Good save, Al. Good save!

  2. Hey Al,

    I just came across your post. Sorry I didn’t get to it earlier — usually I read your blog religiously. Alas, I was out of town, in Seattle, drinking espresso like I used to drink vodka: one after the other. But now I’m back, and it’s a very nice welcome home.

    Hope you’re doing well and thanks for the props, bro.


    • No worries, brother!

      Glad you got a kick out of the post. i’m just jealous you get to travel for your job.

      Thanks for patronizing me religiously on Easter weekend,

      All K Hall

  3. You know, Al. I like being sober. The only thing I miss about hangovers is my uncanny ability to develop Polaroid pictures faster when I have the morning shakes.

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