Self Unemployed: Ghost of the Exploding Drunk

Press ‘Play’ for some appropriate tuneage: Black Label Society – 13 Years of Grief (from the killer album Skullage). Lyrics at the bottom of the post, yo.

Here’s the latest photo i’ve added to my Self Unemployed: Help Wanted page. i came across it on my way to work the other day and didn’t realize how brutal it truly was until i came back home and started playing with it. i’ve included a couple alternate versions as well.

Bar None Dregs

Just a little update on my sobriety. Since the Incident That Shall Not Be Named (the one where i got drunk, took massive amounts of pills to kill myself and spent 2 weeks in the hospital—but you didn’t hear it from me), i quit drinking and smoking. With cigarettes costing as much as they do now, i can’t afford to smoke and with drinking doing what it does to me, i can’t really afford to do that anymore either. May 11, 2011 was my 4 month sobriety day, s’what i’m saying.

In related news, i’ve changed the bio that pops up at the bottom of every post to reflect this new state of being me. i no longer refer to myself as “a functioning alcoholic (meaning i’ve held the same job for 17 years and have been living with Miss Demeanor for over a year now…)”, but have switched it to: “a non-practicing alcoholic (if after 30 years of practicing, you still can’t do something well, it’s best to just give it up)”. Plus, it’ll be 3 years come June for Miss D and i.

Thanks for still coming by even if i’m not cool anymore ’cause i don’t drink.

Just kidding, you and i both know i’m cooler than ever and i’ve got the goods to prove it.

“13 Years of Grief” by The Black Label Society off Skullage

Looking at the words, i think i musta confused the lyrics and thought he was saying “13 Years of Drinking”. Oh well, i’ll keep it here anyway because it’s still pretty fitting.

You’re so fuckin’ tough, so motherfuckin’ bad.
13 Years Of Grief, is all your folks ever had.
Just and ignorant cunt, talking such shit.
Tryin’ to act act like a man,
You little fuckin’ punk kid.
Yeah! Son, look at you now!
Yeah! Son, look at you now!
Day of court, day of fear, in walks the judge.
Half a year, nothing less. No he wouldn’t budge.
Hand over your belongins, and your motherfuckin’ soul.
That’s the joy of life,
Six months in the hole.
Yeah! Son, look at you now!
Yeah! Son, look at you now!
You wrecked your mother, yeah you beat her down.
Teachers can’t protect you, when your friends are ’round.
What’s so tough, so motherfuckin’ bad.
13 Years Of Grief, is all your folks ever had.
Yeah! Son, look at you now!
Yeah! Son, look at you now

12 thoughts on “Self Unemployed: Ghost of the Exploding Drunk

  1. Congrats on making it 4 months!

    I too had a spectral feeling around the 4-month point. It happened as I was running the LA Marathon, the task I undertook to take my mind off drinking. As I was approaching mile 20, the point when marathons really begin to suck, I felt like “ghosts” were leaving my body. I was almost as if the marathon was an exorcism of the alcoholic demons residing inside me. The most peculiar aspect of it was they were leaving through the tips of my toes, and clinging to stay. But I pounded them out. God, the crazy things that happen to you at mile 20!

    Congrats again! It gets easier and easier as the demons realize they need to find another vessel.

    • Yeah, mile 20… i don’t think there will ever be a moment in my life even remotely approaching that feeling. lol. But i can tell you it feels damn good being sober and getting shit done.

      Wait! i know! It’s like reaching page 20 in a writing binge, right!?

      The demons are indeed easing and the writing is where it’s at. Thanks for your support, brother.

      And thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  2. 4 months! Man, well done. Don’t worry, you are still damn cool to us watching on.

    And 3 years with Miss D? Man, she’s a patient woman!

      • And in early July, we’re supposed to get married! Talk about your awesome couple…

        Thanks for patronizing me, m’dear,

        Al K Hall

      • Married? Man, you kept that quiet!!!!

        When and where, so we can come along.

        Well, those of us already living in Yeaman, I mean!

      • We’ve been engaged since Christmas 2009 but have really just started putting things in motion this Spring. Look for a June, possibly July, wedding depending on the red tape here in Yeaman. Whoever comes is more than welcome, just bring a lot of gifts.

        Thanks for patronizing me,

        Al K Hall

  3. It only took that guy three tall-boys to shit his pants and get completely nekkid? or was that simply nthe last three before?

    • Lol,

      i’m pretty sure it was the last three. It looked like more than a 3 on the shit yourself nekkid scale…

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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