John Galliano: All The Rage

Fashion Is Not Pretty

Here’s a song from the juiced-box to remind John Galliano: David Bowie – Fashion

[Press ‘Play’ for something always in Fashion]

He’s Named after the John because of His Potty Mouth

There’s this town in Europe called Paris where everybody who’s anybody wants to make a scene or be scene. Fashion Freak John Galliano is no exception so he decided the best way to get noticed was to get drunk at a Café (French for “cafe”) and hurl racial and anti-Semitic slurs at innocent by sitters who were egging him on with their faces.

G-Strung was drunk at a place called Le Perle and started going at a Jewish woman, telling her she had a “dirty Jewish face” and then insulted her her friend by calling him a “fucking Asian bastard”. (In his defense, Galliano did not use any anti-Semitic insults on the Asian guy.) After the couple reported this to the authorities, another person came out with a home movie of Galliano insulting them at the same cafe, back in December 2010.

[If you want to see the vid, you can check out my Facebook page…and why not Friend me while you’re there?]

John Galliano "Mug" Shot

The Best Offense is a Bad Defense

Galliano’s trial for racism, which is apparently against the law in Paris, started on the 22nd of June and during the trial he came out with his self defense strategy: Blame it on the Booze. Instead of manning up—or at least queen-ing up—the grand designer said he could’t remember what he did or said and explained to the court that he had 3 addictions linked to being an overworked genius. 1) Alcohol, 2) valium, 3) sleeping pills.

i’m hoping this defense works because i’d love to see this case set a precedent. “Sorry, your honor, I sat on top of the tower and sniped 50 people because I was drunk. Won’t happen again, Scout’s honor.” They’re gonna call it Pleading Inebriatition. Here it is in a sentence: “Well judge, I know I was arrested for drunk driving and I had a BAC of 90% but you see, I was drunk at the time. So I plead Not Guilty by Reason of Innebriation.”

These are the Bar None’s artist’s hallucinations of Galliano:

Adolph Galliano

The Devil Wears Galliano

Galliano Gets A Tattoo

The Backlash Gets Hotter

"WTF did you just say?"

Nathalie Portman, world famous Jewish person who acts too, saw the video i linked up there and called Galliano out and a whole lot of other things a lot worse. That she’d made a big deal was a big deal because she’s just made a big deal with Dior, the company G draws clothes pictures for. So Dior told G to get the fuck out, which i totally get because Galliano is at worst a racist but at best a flaming prick asshole. An even better reason is that Nathalie Portman stayed with Dior and so could grace our computer screens with images like this.

Galliano Stinks

But who else? The Bar None favorite, Taylor Momsen (shhh, don’t tell Miss Demeanor i’m talking about her again) also hooked up with Galliano in the sense she did some posters to promote his perfume which is called Parlez-Moi d’Aryans  Amour.

Taylor let me down a bit by not coming out against Galliano. Sure, the campaign was a while back and pro’lly no one thought she was intelligent enough to have an opinion, but i think she should of proved everyone stupid by coming out right away and saying something smart. Or at least something cool.

The Little Dictator and Taylor Mum-sen

[AlKHallism: There’s some more shots of hot fashionards in my drawers right down there.]

All of this to make my sobriety more palatable for you, because here’s the…

Immoral of the Story

Man, the view is nice from up here on my pedestal but the height is making me a little sick. Rather than stomach sneezing on all you little people down there, i thought i’d share something from my past to show i’m not as high and mighty as i make myself out to be.

i understand that there’s a chance that Galliano isn’t a racist. He maybe said what he did to shake things up  a bit. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not condoning idiocy (though i often play one at home) or excusing his behavior. Just because he did it for attention doesn’t mean it or he is ok. If your go-to rant for the crowd is based on hatred then you gotta got to a new go-to place.

While i don’t understand where this came from i do understand why this came up. i said some pretty ridiculous shit to stand out from the crowd back in the day and it was usually linked to the drink.

You pro’lly won’t believe this about me, but i have a dry sense of humor that can be caustic at times. No, really. Swear to god. When i’m sober i know where the line is, i walk right up to it and even piss over it sometimes, but i never cross it. When i’m drunk i fall over the line and stumble past it. It’s not that i don’t see the line, i just fucking forget there’s lines at all.

Another thing that’s hard to believe but this time for real, is that i’ve only been thrown out for life from one bar. It’s a Scottish Pub here in Yeaman and i was already totally shitfaced when i arrived. The bar was huge busy and i was single and drunk and there was this cute blonde barmaid tending to the barhounds. Wanting to stand out from the masses, i ordered my drinks and said something unusual.

i don’t remember what it was. This gap in my memory is probably a good thing because whatever i’d said freaked the barmaid out so much that she cried (if memory serves as well as she did) and the owner of the bar told the Irish guy who’d carried me in to take me out and never let me back in. I was banned for life.

Like i already said, i don’t remember what i said that night. So i can see how Galliano could forget his verbal diarrhea but this doesn’t mean his mouth shouldn’t get washed out with soap. i feel so guilty about whatever it was i said, i own up to it and accept responsibility for it. i was a dick and deserve to be beaten.

Alls i can do now is to try and be better sober than i was drunk. Which, thank god, is easy because i really hate doing shit that’s too hard.

What about y’all? Anyone say anything drunk they regretted when they were sober? Say it now in the Comments section and let it go, Barmaids and Beerhounds. Let it go.

Bar None Dregs

Saint Pauly has graced us all with another WTF!? (Watch The Film) movie review. This time it’s of Push. It’s worth a look and is pro’lly funny if you’re a little drunk.

Bar None Drawers

Raging Bullshit

The Mad Hater

Sasha Pivovarova as John Galliano: a role Model

Galliano is so Transparent

Navels are still the New Nipples

John Galliano Being Turned Down at the Bar None

Didn’t get your fill of the dregs? i keep them on tap right here.

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7 thoughts on “John Galliano: All The Rage

  1. Man, I’ve never been sober enough whilst drunk to remember anything I’ve said. I’m always too far gone to recall any abusive or appalling language I might have used.

    I think I once called my sister a “cock juggling thundercunt” (a line lifted directly from Blade Trinity) at a party – but since my sister wasn’t there at the time, it obviously didn’t happen. Nobody can prove anything. At least, not that the Bundy and Coke couldn’t cover it up…..

    Aaaaanyway, this John Galliano, apart from sounding like a complete fuckstain on a camels ass, looks like some fat dude with all the fat sucked out of him, and that horrendous porn mustache should see him locked away for crimes against eyeballs everywhere. Not sure about in Yeaman, but here in Australia “galliano” is a type of drink… I’d hate to put my lips on this douche-bag, though!

    • The Rod!

      Nice to hear from you, brother. ‘Preciate your story telling magic and especially for teaching me “cock juggling thundercunt”.

      Your Galliano rant rocked! Galliano is a drink here too, i think, but not something my hating lips ever touched even when i was drinking. Is it a girly drink?

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  2. I think we have to go back to exactly what alcohol does. It does not PUT ideas into your head, but you lose the ability to stop, censor and not act on the ideas that come into your head. Violent drunks are violent people that keep themselves in check sober, those mushy “I love you, man” drunks are sensitive people who are able to put up a wall sober, and racist drunks are racists that know when to keep their opinions to themselves when sober.

    Really? It is against the law to be racist in France who’s laws are becoming more racist every day? Maybe France can claim inebreation.

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