Suck My Toe

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Here’s a cocktail i woulda liked to have tried before i quit drinking, and by the way you can consider this your educational moment of the day, you’re welcome.

There’s a bar in the Yukon called the Sourdough Saloon and i’m sure they’re bummed i have the name “The Bar None” but too bad for them, they can suck my dead man’s toe.

Not really, i can suck theirs.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

They serve a drink in the Sourdough Saloon called a “Sour Toe Cocktail” which is basically your drink of choice with (for an extra 5 Canadian dollars) the dehydrated toe of a dead person in it. No, unfortunately you’re not allowed to eat the toe. Seems they put it back in the jar and re-use it over and over again and it stays sterile from all of the booze.

We’re gonna offer a drink like this at the Bar None, soon. ‘Cept it won’t be a toe, because that’s already been done. i won’t tell you what body part it is, let me just say “Cocktail” is an appropriate name.

Here’s Tarantino doing a Sourtoe Cocktail body shot.

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