Suck My Toe

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Here’s a cocktail i woulda liked to have tried before i quit drinking, and by the way you can consider this your educational moment of the day, you’re welcome.

There’s a bar in the Yukon called the Sourdough Saloon and i’m sure they’re bummed i have the name “The Bar None” but too bad for them, they can suck my dead man’s toe.

Not really, i can suck theirs.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

They serve a drink in the Sourdough Saloon called a “Sour Toe Cocktail” which is basically your drink of choice with (for an extra 5 Canadian dollars) the dehydrated toe of a dead person in it. No, unfortunately you’re not allowed to eat the toe. Seems they put it back in the jar and re-use it over and over again and it stays sterile from all of the booze.

We’re gonna offer a drink like this at the Bar None, soon. ‘Cept it won’t be a toe, because that’s already been done. i won’t tell you what body part it is, let me just say “Cocktail” is an appropriate name.

Here’s Tarantino doing a Sourtoe Cocktail body shot.

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11 thoughts on “Suck My Toe

    • LOL! Now i see what it takes to get you to comment in The Bar None!

      It’s nice to know even sober me can still shock and awe.

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

      Al K Hall

  1. Thank Bus #59 I am sober! for gods sake who the HELL would do this?

    (oh. Wait. Hmm. Did i eat those bugs? little tequila soaked bugs? Mel, can you fill in the details….)

    See? thank Bus #59..

    Thanks for the ‘laughs” wow. YUCK!

    Peace, Jen

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