Ho’ Much?

From the juiced-box and a faithful reader: Brandi’s remix –  ‘My Everything (DivaBaci s Ascension Remix) – Lalah Hathaway’ on Indaba Music

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Ho Much

Patronizer of the Bar None!

Come on!
Come on down (but not necessarily in that order)!

You’re the next contestant on the Price is Ripe.

Meet Seana Spreng, 40, Jill Figueroa, 36, and Alexis Hodges, 35 . These three ladies were arrested in Myrtle Beach SC on charges of prostitution during a “crack” down after complaints and what the hell were people complaining about, the service? Because it sure as hell wasn’t the price– you get to name your own.

Which brings me to the game portion of our show for you players. Take out a sharpie and draw a line on your screen to match the woman to the price she asked the undercover cop for.

He are the correct answers…

You see what’s so funny?

Good, because i sure as hell don’t. A 12-pack for guaranteed sex sounds like much of my dating career. Except for the “guaranteed” part.


AlKHallism: The Bar None is an Open Bar for all my patronizers. If like Brandi, you have something artistic you’d like to share here, tell me in the Comments Section.

3000-4000 people stumble through here each day, so if you got something you want that many people to partake of, let me know in the Comments Section.

8 thoughts on “Ho’ Much?

  1. The trick with trading alcohol for sex is knowing the right quantities (for the scientist/mathamaticians among us, it is a height/weight equation that even cops can’t figure out. Thus the breatalizer). My gf readily admitted to me that alcohol made her randy, but neglected to offer just how much until that other effect alcohol has kicked in and so upon getting her drunk, she promptly went to sleep.

  2. I don’t know if i should be putting in my 2 cents here, but HEY, a 12-pack deserves a little something! At least a sloppy kiss.

    Do not dismay Al (and pal) You, Al have an awesome wife now … thank god those dating traumas are long gone!

    And the beer, gone!

    • Melis!

      Ironically, alcohol fueled the courage it took me to surpass my shyness and make my move, only to rob me of the tools necessary to finish the job. Another reminder that everything is better with the booze!

      Thanks for patronizing me, Mel,

      Al K Hall

  3. My Dear Mel, I really beg to differ my Sweet. A 12 pack? Come on, sister. We NEVER gave even a sloppy kiss for a 12 pack! That was a pittance! We were BARELY getting that party started with a 12 pack.

    thank Bus #59 those days are LONG gone…

    ditto what Mel said; Thank God for the missus! You lucked out my Friend.

    me too. J

    • Jen!

      What a dangerous group we all would have made way back when! Better for all concerned that our brands of madness blended after we put the bottle down.

      Thanks for patronizing me, babe,

      Al K Hall

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