S’aint Patrick Today (t’was yesterday)

The True Luck of the Irish

Just because i missed out on Saint Patrick’s Day with y’all yesterday doesn’t mean i have to forget all about it this year. Every day is Saint Patrick’s if your Irish. Or drunk. Hell, i’m neither and i’m still continuing the Saint Patrick’s Day specials through to today in the Bar None. Let’s kick things off by kicking out the jams from the juiced box.

[Press ‘Play’ for some true Irish music.]

Saint Patrick's Went to the Dogs this Year

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

Here are the drawer shots of the boys and the girls, for the boys and the girls.

For those of you more into Saints than Angels…

2 thoughts on “S’aint Patrick Today (t’was yesterday)

  1. paddy english man irish & scots are on a train compartment together with a hot babe & an old dear. the train goes through a tunnel………SMACK!!!!!!!! train emerges from tunnel paddy english man has been decked is on the floor holding his smacked puss. Hot babe thinks “he just felt up the old dear thinking it was me & she decked him”. Old dear thinks “he just felt up that young girl & she decked him “. Paddy irish man thinks “I cant wait til the next tunnel so i can smack that english bollix again”

    • Brother Wayne!

      “paddy english man irish & scots” !?

      Tell the truth, were you super drunk when you wrote this? C’mon, you can tell us!

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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