The Hot Rod Unloads – Would Somebody Take A Photo Of Me Topless Please?

Like many grumpy bastards my age (mid-30’s….) I like to have a rant against the world. Thanks to the internet, everyone can rant away to their heart’s content. Whether people listen… well, that’s another problem, but often, it’s less about who reads the rant as much as it is about just doing the ranting.

There’s a couple of things I’ve seen in recent weeks and months that have just made me weep for the future of humanity. As a grumpy old bastard, it’s my solemn duty to now proceed to berate you with what I see as prime examples of bottom-feeding pond scum living off the goodness of others.

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The Booze Talkin’: My Exclusive Interview With Uncle Lucius

Uncle Lucius

Uncle Lucius

Uncle Lucius Plays Your Fucking Heart Out

From the juiced-box: Uncle Lucius –  Pocket Full of Misery (from their latest album, And You Are Me)

[Press ‘Play’ to fill your pockets…]

It was one of those moments when you’re sitting there, being yourself [note: not a masturbation reference], and all of a sudden a song comes on that pulls you up by your heartstrings and lifts you out of the rut. i first heard Uncle Lucius during an episode of the now defunked Castle, and when “A Million Ways” played i immediately knew my life had meaning again because the song that rose from the crappy TV speakers saved my soul music.

Who, you may well ask, is Uncle Lucius? Well, let me tell you. Uncle Lucius is that favorite uncle who never gets older and you want to be just like him when you don’t grow up. He wears borrowed clothes and his hair is just a tad too long and always tousled and he sneaks you black licorice and sips of the beer from the can hanging from the hand that holds the smoldering cigar. He’s got 3-days growth and speaks of things sweeter than hard lemonade in warm brandy tones with a whiskey rasp and a voice that comes out like the growl of a hungry bear’s stomach. Uncle Lucius is at home wherever he is and makes you feel welcome there whenever he rests his weary eyes on you.

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Celeb Mug Shot: Amanda Bynes [Repost from April 8, 2012]

Back with a flash: Amanda Bynes has been officially charged with Hit ‘n’ Run (and i would, for sure) following all the shit i unload here in this blog i originally wrote back in April when we were all younger and innocenter and reeling from the news of another Disney Kid Gone Wild.


Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

Guess what that is right there… A News Flash! (See what i did there?)

You know who else flashes? The police, when they pull you ass over. Just ask Amanda Bynes who decided to join the really ranks of the rich and shameless.

Not from the juiced box…

Press ‘Play’ for a flashback to a simpler time… Young Amanda Bynes and her cute little accent reading Nina Laden’s The Night I Followed A Dog.

Celebrity Dregs

April 6: Mind Your Own Bynes-ness

i’m sure y’all remember the cautionary tale of one Estella Warren who decided to get drunk, smash into parked cars and then have a meltdown while the confused neighbors called the police. At the time, i told you not to get drunk and run into parked cars. Well, not in so many words, but if you read the post then i think it’s pretty clear i’m not in favor of it.

Alackaday (which is such a real word i can’t believe you don’t believe me that it is), Amanda Bynes must not of read it and so she pulled all kinds of drunk crap you’re not supposed to do while driving.

“Like what?” you ask, quizzical bastards and curious beaches that you are.

Like she tried to pass a cop car. i’m not sure what the number 1 rule is for things not to do when drunk driving but i’m pretty sure number 1 is “Don’t pass cop cars.”

Followed by Rule #2: If you do pass a cop car while drunk driving, don’t crash into it. i’m even gonna be so bold as to generalize and say that it’s a general rule of thumb to never run into a police cruiser under any circumstances short of the zombie apocalypse. (And speaking of zombies, did you see Amanda Bynes Mug Shot?)

But Good Bynes doesn’t have the good fortune you do of knowing me and reading shit like this all the time. Because she passed the cop car and then ran into the back right quarter panel, which is shop talk for “the back side piece over the wheel thingy”. So the cops stopped her and decided she was in no condition to drive but she was in condition to go to jail.

Amanda Bynes Before and After the Bar None

TMZ also said that ol’ (what, she’s 26…that’s like tons old in dog years) Amanda has been partying hearty lately and pulling all kind of rapscallion moves and drunk driving and–you’re gonna love this– bailing on cops while they’re in the middle of writing her a ticket. Her balls are so big she has to wear them on her chest so they don’t chafe.

There’s more shots of that down there deep in my drawers.

Al K Hall’s Drawers

Amanda Bynes (26)

Didn’t get your fill of the dregs? i keep them on tap right here.

The “Vice” President

Obama beer wallpaper collage

Oh! Bama – Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

i like Obama in the way i like Rihanna. Just the other day i made her the Bar Nun because she’s into the booze more than the drugs and with Obama it’s the same. Dude likes his drink.

How much does he like it? He likes it so much he invented his own beer because he bought a home brew kit, gave it to his kitchen staff and told them to come up with something cool. Hell, if you were the President, you could do that, too.

Obama Honey Blonde Beer

Just like he has a Honey Blonde all the fucking time. He has one whenever he wants. Wherever he wants. Like right there on the table. i bet his wife even watches sometimes.

What, you want to have one as well? No problem: Have Obama’s Honey Blonde.

Dregs of the Summer: The Week of July & August, 2012 (and then some)

Rihanna Dregs 2012-09-02 Collage Wallpaper

Rihanna Dregs Collage Wallpaper – Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

Dregs wait for no time, not even summer time, and here’s a mess o’ proof of that right here. We got Rihanna partying harder than her body, Adele living larger than hers, and Kristen Stewart hanging looser than hers. There’s a drunk Bigfoot, how to get rich tips and the Sunny Iranians (or was it the Shite ones?) discover a cure for hangovers.

Rihanna will drink to that: Rihanna – Cheers (Drink To That)

[Press ‘Play’ to “Turn it around with another round”]

Commoner Dregs

2012/08/28: Sasquatch Me Now

Bigfoot Six Pack Coors

Another Bigfoot Sighting

Another Bigfoot Sighting

Ah, Montana, where the men are men and Bigfoot wasn’t dead…until last Tuesday. This guy, Randy (and aren’t we all after a few drinks), dressed up in a camouflage suit and ran around on the highway at night to start a Bigfoot sighting hoax. Unfortunately, Bigfoot is not as likeable as Randy may have thought because he was run over. Twice. First by a 15-year-old girl, then a 17-year-old girl.

While we could spend all night debating the possible merits of running around the freeway at night drunk and wearing camouflage, i suspect there was another reason Randy met his Makers Mark. You’ll notice both girls who ran over him were in their teens. Well, i’ve always raised my teenage daughter with the education that, when in the company of men, if she sees something she doesn’t recognize she should run it over–twice. Randy was running around erect and hairy, after all.

2012/06/25: Iranians Find Cure for Hangovers

There were these two guys in Iran-so-far-away who kept getting drunk all the time so the religious government (God is my “vice” president) decided to step in and help eliminate those annoying hangovers once and for all by killing the drunkards. And it wasn’t easy. The first two times the govern-mentals tried whipping the alkies into shape but when that didn’t take, they decided to hang them dry. Talk about drinking yourself to death.

bottle alcohol noose execution

Hang ‘Em By The Neck Until They’re Cold

2012/08/30: Let Them Drink Cake

You know how all the world’s Australians are super nice and super helpful? Well, the world’s richest woman is no exception. Because she likes those of us here in the Bar None so much, she’s decided to share some of her get rich quick tips with us so we, too, can have more money than we know how to count.

There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire. If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself – spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working.

Hmm. Wise words indeed. She tells us what not to do, but not exactly what to do. Unless you read between the lines because what’s she’s really saying is, “Let them eat cake.”

Gina Rinehart Let Them Eat Cake

Gina Rinehart

Celebrity Dregs

Adele Smoking in the Bar None

Adele Smoking in the Bar None – Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

2012/06/20: She’s Adele of a Drinker

You know how Adele is pregnant and you don’t care? Here’s something a little more up our collective alley (and i’ll stay out of yours if you stay out of mine), she’s an alkie wanna-be. Alcoholism: Many are chosen but few are called. While she may sing like an angel, she drinks like a fish, which makes me think her album 21 Proof was not written about some guy, but her heartbreaking love affair with the bottle. This explains the secret behind songs like “Someone Likes Booze”, “Get Higher In The Rain”, or “Our Rum Has It”.

Makes me wonder what she was really Rolling in the Deep.

Adele in the Bar None

Adele: Two Fisted Drinker in the Bar None

2012/08/31: Cheers (Drunk To That)

Rihanna Drunk 01 in the Bar None

Rihanna in the Bar None

Times change. People change. It is with great somnolence that i strip Lindsay Lohan of the Bad Habit of Bar Nun so that i can crown a new Patronizing Sainte.

Sure, Lindsay had a couple DUI’s but i think we all knew deep down that while she may have given her liver to booze, her heart belonged to coke. Which is why i’m glad to announce that Rihanna is now the Bar None’s Bar Nun.

Not only did Jay Z, a man who stabbed a rival in the stomach at a bar, tell her she should go to rehab for alcohol but every time she goes to a new territory she has to mark it getting shit faced in it.

Most recently she went to a London club called the Rose Club (who are still wishing they’d thought of the name “Bar None”), where she got drunk on champagne and cocktails, then jumped on the table, broke it, and started to get thrown out until her friends yelled at the bouncers that they were up chucking THE Rihanna.

The Bar Nun is infallible like the Pope, which got proved when the bouncers put her down and apologized and the bar owner sent free drinks—and a new table—over to the table.

She left at 4am. To go to another party. Respect.

Rihanna Dregs 2012-09-02 Drunk Collage Wallpaper

Rihanna’s Bar None Collage – Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

Tons more shots of Rihanna after the link that says “Continue reading” at the bottom of this post.

2012/07/27 The Real Reason Kristen Stewart Cheated With Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders in the Bar None

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders in the Bar None

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders in the Bar None

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders in the Bar None

Kristen Stewart

“Are you sure you’re really a movie director?”

Bar None Dregs

The Juiced Box

Just to let you know that i’ve put together a playlist of songs on the Juiced-box here in the Bar None.

Also, Saint Pauly posted a pretty funny review of The Resident over at WTF!? (Watch the Film).

The Resident 01 poster

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