“Yeah, I Hit That”: The Real “Real” Chris Brown

[Before you get all up in my shit about how politically incorrect i am, please read the disclaimer at the end of this post.]

From the Juiced-box and dedicated to Rihanna: Big Sean feat. Chris Brown – My Last

[Press ‘Play’ to hear Chris Brown sing, “And I’m a hit this drink up like it’s my last, I’m a hit this night up like it’s my last, I’m a hit this ass up, like it’s my last”]

Celebrity Dreg

i didn’t tell y’all before because i’m telling you now.

i’m dating Rihanna.

Not right this second, but i’m dating her pretty soon and i can make this statement with a certain certitude because i’m convinced with a conviction as strong as Chris Brown’s that Rihanna’s got the necessary amount of stupid it takes to date me.

Don’t even try to tell me you don’t know what i’m talkin’ about, either. Haters be hatin’ and players be playin’ but don’t go doin’ neither on my ass, yo, ’cause you know damn well you saw the video where Chris Brown talks about how how hard it is to be in love with two ladies women at the same time and if you didn’t it’s at the top of this post.

The rumors have it that Rihanna is going to take Chris back and why the hell wouldn’t she?

Rihanna beaten up by Chris Brown The Bar None

Chris Brown on Rihanna: “I’d Hit That.”

i already told you like a month ago about how she’s got a drinking problem and hell, the first thing the ‘real’ Chris Brown says in that video is that he’s drunk and even in that fucking song he says first he’s gonna hit the bottle and then he’s gonna hit that ass.

So the mutual enabling for alcoholism is a giant thumbs up your ass and the codependency is all systems go to hell. Plus Chris Brown practiced not beating up a girl for one year and, to top it all off, Rihanna will chant the mantra of beaten and abused women across the country, “He’s changed, he said he’s sorry…”

Rihanna Beaten Meat The Bar None

You know what, though? Rihanna ain’t never gonna date my sorry ass and here’s why. i would never hit on her…


Just one thing before you go ballistic on me. i wrote this post out of anger that any woman would consider getting back together with the man who abused her. i have absolutely no sympathy for abusers, and while i understand the mechanics of this kind of relationship are complicated, they’re really not. Someone beats you, you leave and you don’t look back and you certainly don’t go fucking back to them so they can do it again.

For those of you who would say abusers can change, i’ll say “Good for them, they still deserve to be deserted as punishment for their heinous acts.”

For those of you who would point the finger at me and say maybe then i don’t deserve forgiveness for some of the asshole things i did while i was still a practicing alcoholic, i agree 100 fucking percent. If you’re one of the people i hurt through my drinking, i totally get that you would not want to forgive me and don’t blame you at all. If you are not one of these people, don’t judge me until you’ve puked a mile in my booze.

For those of you who would say that all this shit isn’t my business, i’ll stop posting this kind of commentary when Rihanna stops tweeting about her relationships and Chris Brown stops pretending to be real in the video messages he posts on fucking YouTube. Until that time, alls fair in drugs and whores.

OK, now you can go ballistic on me.

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12 thoughts on ““Yeah, I Hit That”: The Real “Real” Chris Brown

  1. *sigh*
    this is such a huge discussion… i have no desire whatsoever to justify whatever decision that girl made (i don’t even like her as an artist, let alone anything else)… just always, always, allllways try to keep in mind that it takes an unimaginable amount of strength and support to get out of an abusive relationship. it has nothing to do with love, it has everything to do with self-respect and a ton of other things. it is unbelievably difficult, most times impossible, and it takes someone to be holding your hand – and your head – every minute of every hour for the next few years…

    i do hope she doesn’t go back to him

    • Marionette,

      Well said, Marionette. i think of that and how she just set back girls in the hood another decade because now all kinds of abusive youths will be able to point her out to their girlfriends as a reason the girls should get back together with them. So wrong…

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      AL K Hall

      • you are so right… sadly, when you’re in the spotlight, you just have to put your public image first… she’s an example to other girls, maybe that should have helped her make the right decision!
        that girl is a lost cause right now, her people should just grab her by the hair and drag her out of this life…
        sad sad sad

  2. It is very difficult to leave an abusive relationship. The last 7 of my 13 years with this person were horrible and yes I chose to stay til I ran. It was emotional rather than physical. No bruises? Ya right. I will never let anyone in again.

    I agree with Marionette. I hope Ri stays far far away. Sad.

  3. i just read that

    “Rihanna‘s father Ronald recently spoke to Life & Style about her former boyfriend Chris Brown.

    “Whatever makes her happy. I hope one day she will get married. Everyone adores Chris; he’s a super guy,” Ronald shared. “The family loved Chris Brown before they even met him. I always thought he was extremely talented. He always gave me great respect.””

    Super guy???? great respect??? WTF???Ronald is also rumoured to have beat up his wife. This is the kind of family Rihanna has. Poor her.

    Having said that, Rihanna is a big girl now. Need to break away the family influence and baggages and all that to live happy and healthy life!! she has to be responsible for her own life. Good luck to her.

    • Ann!
      Welcome to the Bar None!

      Pull up a chair, put your feet on the table and what can i get you to drink?

      Her father said that? Jesus, that makes me feel all the sorrier for her. Can you imagine some guy beats the shit out of you and then your dada sas he’s a great guy? Almost more fucked up than Chris Brown, that is.

      Agreed, though, she has the right to make her own mistakes…i just wish we didn’t have to watch.

      Thanks for patronizing me, Ann,

      Al K Hall

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