Buy My Vote (Have A Ball-ot )

2012-10-18 Ball-ot Bar None

A Simple Platfoam

From the Juiced Box: The Beastie Boys – (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

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i got my absentee ballot for the US Presidential elections in the email the other day and so i’ve decided to bring the vote to the people.

To be crystal clear, i am auctioning off my vote to the highest bidder.

i’ll take offers of trade or cash and, at the end of October i’ll cast my vote for the candidate selected by the winner.

i already have an offer of 1 coffee (valued at 1 dollar), so we’ll start the bidding off there.

12 thoughts on “Buy My Vote (Have A Ball-ot )

  1. ha!
    did you know that greeks living outside of greece cannot vote in the greek election??
    how’s that for “the cradle of democracy”?
    treat your absentee ballot nicely, or it might leave youuuuuuu! 😉

    in other news, i think i could totally sell my vote (if things weren’t so critical here, i mean)

    • i can’t vote in the country i’ve been living in for the last 22 years and paying (a lot) of taxes to. i’m a Resident and not a National, so at least there’s one country i can vote in.

      What about you, Marionette? You’re politically aware. Care to vote in the US election? i’ll sell you my vote for cash or trade of anything valued at $1.01 or higher.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  2. LOL @ MuM!! Good point.

    Uhhhhh, isn’t it kinda a federal offense to offer one’s vote up like this?


    The post brings up some good points about why it’s kind of ridiculous to say that it is illegal, though.

    Maybe at the top of the post put “I’m only kidding, but IF I were to auction my vote, what WOULD you bid?”

    Better safe than sorry???!!

    Or, you know, not… Your call!!

    I don’t want either guy in office, necessarily, but for certain one more than the other. *sigh*


  3. Dude, if the exchange rate here in Australia was worthwhile sending you some dosh, I’d buy that for a couplea bucks. Sadly, however, our dollar with worth more than your…. whatever you have in Yeaman, so it’s not “worth” the cost of sexchange.

    But IF I was to purchase your vote, I’d vote for Obama. He’s been dealt a bad hand by the other guys who seems to vote against his bills just because they are on the opposing side, not because they don’t believe what he’s saying.

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