Buy My Vote!

Mitt Romney Drunk and still Drinking the Bar None Slurperson Heinie


Just to remind y’all that i got my absentee ballot in the mail the other day and i’ve decided to auction off my vote to the highest bidder.

C’mon, people! How many of you have dreamed of having the chance to make yourself heard in selecting who will be the next most powerful person in the world!? Now’s your chance.

i’ll take offers of trade or cash and, at the beginning of November, i’ll cast my vote for the candidate selected by the winner.

Travel Mug Bid Bar None Buy My Vote

The ante has been upped.

A South African has given me a Starbuck’s travel mug (value $15). What do you say, are you gonna let some South African babe cast the vote that you could catch? Of course not!

Just let me know what your next best offer is in the comment section…

Mitt Romney Drunk and still Drinking the Bar None Slurperson

Obama Drunk and still Drinking the Bar None Slurperson

“I’mma upvote yo’ ass on dat, R-Money.”

2 thoughts on “Buy My Vote!

  1. Gary Johnson. He was on the 3rd party debates the other night, and I was impressed. It was the only debate I could actually watch the last 5 minutes of that made me feel proud to be a part of the democratic process and not like throwing up or bashing my head into a wall!

    I will send beef jerky. As soon as I can afford it, which may be in a couple more weeks.I’m good for it — just have to be able to afford and send it. That’s not really more than the mug is worth, though, so your South African friend probably has me beat…


    • You’ve convinced me to take a look! i’ll check him out and the beef jerky + shipping costs + you’re my wife just may swing the balance in your favor…

      Thanks for patronizing me, babe,

      AL K Hall

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