Cressida Bonas: The Other Royal Baby

Prince Harry's Royal Baby 01 (Al K Hall Bar None Dregs)

Prince Harry’s Royal Baby

[Press ‘Play’ for Kylie Minogue playing “Drunk” from her album…Impossible Princess.]


Cressida Bonas Drunk Bar None Wallpaper (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Cressida Bonas in the Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for the wallpaper

July 16: Royally Fucked Up

The Harry Prince continues his glorious rise to the bottom. His grace has already graced the Bar None with his drunken antics and he assures me that we can continue to count on his patronage. He’s told me this in person, through the choice of his new princess consort: Cressida Bonas.

(Note that “Bonas” is UK-speak for “Boners”. As in, “Prince Harry should marry Cressida and take her name so people would call him, “Harry Bone-ahs”.)

The best part about her apart from everything else is that she’s a party animal just like his High – ness.

Just recently they have been seen

But don’t take my word for it…pictures drink louder than words.

Cressida Bonas LUSH Bar None Wallpaper (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Cressida Bonas LUSH in the Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for the wallpaper

Evidence Cressida is a LUSH (Bar None slang for Lesbian Until Sober Honey).

And here’s Cressida making one of her favorite Drunken English scenes.

Cressida Bonas 01 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

The Original Drunken English Girls

Cressida Bonas 02 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Cressida’s Tribute Version

Cressida Bonas 03 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Proof it’s Cressida

She’s a Princess of Darkness on her way to becoming Queen of the Night.

Bar None Dregs

Am i an asshole?

You know me (and if you don’t, you’ll probably answer the ‘asshole’ question wrong), i’m a sensitive mother fucker.

Case in point, i recently came across this video on YouTube and it seriously moved me.

Jillian Jensen, the young lady singing, was bullied for years in her school and this passionate performance grew out of that pain. [For the complete story behind this performance, follow this link.]

Now, the Bar None has always been a No H8R zone, and this video as forced me to declare the premises a Bully Free zone as well. The problem is, i’m trying to decide what constitutes bullying, so i’m asking for your help.

Your answers will help me decide who and what i write about in the dregs coming up.

WTF Banner

Saint Pauly over at WTF!? Watch the Film has been keeping busy with his reviews as funny as old meat smells.

Check out:


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As for me, go here for a complete list of all my websites on one page so you don’t miss out on any of my shit.

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Photos Cressida Bonas 04 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Cressida Bonas 05 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Prince William picks up Harry's Royal Baby (Al K Hall Bar None Dregs)

Prince William picks up Harry’s Royal Baby

Didn’t get your fill of the dregs? i keep them on tap right here.

2 thoughts on “Cressida Bonas: The Other Royal Baby

    • i’m with you on the pineapple in the ass thing. Bullies suck and that’s it, but i see that i’ve had a whopping 4 votes on my poll and all 4 have said i’m not a bully, so i guess i’m in the clear…for the moment.

      Thanks for patronizing me, you Hot Rod you,

      Al K Hall

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