Merry Christmas to ALL, and to all a good high

Bar None Christmas 01 AlKHall

So much WTF

‘Tis the season of my annual Bar None Christmas post, where we all gather around the monitor and roast our nuts on the fire of my love for you. i hope that you got everything you wanted because i did: your presence today is all the presents i need.

As of right now, 601 of y’all have found your way into the Bar None on this most auspicious of days and i’m here to thank you for thinking of me, especially today. For those of you who aren’t reading this, Santa has a special message for you, too.

Bar None Christmas 16 AlKHall

Add to that number of patronizers one more because i’m here with you, thanking you for taking the time to pop in and i’mma try to make it worth your while.

Thank you for patronizing me and hoping you’ll patronize me even more next year.

Enough of the the words, lets get to the gifts.

Bar None Christmas 02 AlKHall

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Wait, before you go, wanna see me put the ‘X’ in ‘X-mas’? Click below the belt to get into my drawers because, unlike Christmas, you can come more than once a year.

Santa Belt Bar None Dregs

Bar None Drawers

Those more interested in candy canes first

Daddy Christmas

Bar None Christmas 03 AlKHall

Bar None Christmas 05 AlKHall

Bar None Christmas 06 AlKHall

Bar None Christmas 07 AlKHall

Stocking Stuffer

For those more interested in ho’ ho’ ho’s, start your engine

Santa Claws

Bar None Christmas 08 AlKHall

Bar None Christmas 09 AlKHall

Bar None Christmas 10 AlKHall

To prove what little mind i have is pretty fucking open, i even have a selection of goodies for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Bar None Christmas 11 Sexy Hanukkah AlKHall

Happy Hanukkah!

Bar None Christmas 12 Sexy Kwanza AlKHall

Merry Kwanza!

Bar None Christmas 13 Sexy Shinto AlKHall

Joyous Shinto!

Bar None Christmas 14 Sexy Pagan AlKHall

Rockin’ Pagan!

Bar None Christmas 15 Sexy Atheist AlKHall

Even atheists have a little taste

From all of me at the Bar None: be good to each other people and have a kick ass 2014.

Want more holiday spirits? Click here for Posts of Christmas Past.

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