Darwin Awards for Drunks: 2013 BarWin Awards (Can-idate #6)

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You’ve heard of the Darwin Award, which lists the most ridiculous deaths of people so stupid that their passing helps out the human race by taking their genes out of the pool.  What I’ve assembled here are not so much a list of stupid dead people but stupid drunk people, and that’s why I’ve changed the name to the Bar-Win Awards. Why ‘win’? Because you get to vote for 2013’s winner.

Candidate #6

I See Drunk People…They’re Everywhere!

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It wouldn’t be a Bar-Win Award contest of it didn’t have an entry from Florida. There was this one woman in a bar who called 911 six times to report… drunk people in the bar. i am not shitting. Short story short, the police showed up and did as she asked, they arrested someone who was too drunk: the dumbass woman herself.

Why should you vote for her? If you don’t know, you’re probably too drunk yourself.

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Stay tuned tomorrow, when we launch the vote.

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