10 Alternate Uses of Powdered Alcohol

(9 if you don’t include the one everyone already though of.) Palcohol, powered alcohol for the movers and martini shakers out there, is trying to get approval. Staying on top of things is what i do (until i get pushed off, anyway) and in keeping with that tradition, i’ve already thought of 10 alternate uses for powdered booze.

1. Snort it

01 Nose (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Smells Like Teen Spirits

2. Spice your Food with it

02 Spice (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Spice is the variety of life

3. Powder your Milk with it

03 Milk (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

I’ll have a double

4. Eat it like Candy

04 Drunk Dip (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Sugar Buzz

5. Bottle it as Sand Art

05 Sandy's Bar (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

It’s not tacky if it can get you drunk

6. Wear it as Body Glitter

06 What many users will be saying (AlKHall Dregs)

What many users will have in common

7. Make a Zen Garden with it

07 Zen Garden (AlKHall Dregs)

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, booze is the difference.” – Brewda

8. Line your Glass with it

08 Beer Salt (AlKHall Dregs)

A Rim Shot

9. Use it as a Mixer

09 Mixer (AlKHall Dregs)

Double Hit: Mix instant whiskey with whiskey

10. Brush your Teeth with it

10 Toothpaste (AlKHall Dregs)

For Alcohol On Your Breath

Other Top 10 Lips

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