Dregs: Kim Kardashian had a Dwarf Baby

Drunk Bachelorette in the Bar None (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Drunk Bachelorette party in the Bar None – Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

Keep on reading to learn how i stumbled over her dirty little secret while doing a bit of research for a short brief.

Here’s a ditty from the juiced-box, dedicated to Kim Kardashian and her little ones. Kanye West – Drunk and Hot Girls

Kim Kardashian had a midget’s baby

i’m pretty sure.

So, i started doing research on this Spanish chica who decided to have a bambino nine months after she got married, only to find out the kid was dwarf (which i don’t know how you can tell because all babies midgets, right?). After a lot of poking and prodding, she confessed the truth to her husband: she screwed a midget at her Bachelorette Fiesta. So basically, before she had her little one, she had a little one.

Kim Kardashian Midget Baby 01 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Kim Kardashian having a little shot?

During the minutes of extensive research i did in Google image search, i came across (in the “discovered” way, not “the midget at a Bachelorette party” way) some photos of Kim Kardashian. With a midget. At her Bachelorette party.

Kim Kardashian Dwarf bachelorette party 01 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Love at first sight – Kim knew he had a little something

Kim Kardashian Dwarf bachelorette party 02 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Their eyes meet for the first – and only – time

Kim Kardashian Dwarf bachelorette party 01 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

They seal the deal

i’m thinking the whole ‘Spanish’ midget baby is just a ruse to distract us from the truth: Kim Kardashian, and not some Spanish puta, is the one who actually got impregnated by a little person at her bachelorette party.

Kim Kardashian Midget Baby 02 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Consider these facts:

  • Kim just had a baby…like the Spanish woman
  • She has black hair like Spanish women
  • Spain has a King and her husband, Kanye West, could refer to himself as the King of Rap
  • Her ass is as big as Spain
  • She called her baby ‘North West’ and Spain is the opposite direction of North West from the United States because she’s trying to throw other journalists off the scent…but Kim Kardashian’s scent is too strong for me to ignore
  • Look at these pictures of the tyke – does he not look like a Spanish midget?
Kim Kardashian Dwarf bachelorette party 04 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

Kanye learns of Kim’s tiny indiscretion – Kim looks ashamed – North looks South of the Border with his poncho

And look, i unearthed this snippet from the bachelorette party videos…

What brought on Kim’s sudden attraction to little people? My answer is that it’s not so sudden. She gave signals that she wanted little folk to be into her as early as 2009 when she wore this obvious sign.

Kim Kardashian Dwarf bachelorette party 05 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

1 down – 6 to go

The only question remaining is, could you, like Kanye, forgive your new bride for fucking a stripper at her Bachelorette party?


Seriously, please leave a comment and let me know what you would do if your new bride admitted to getting drunk and having sex with a midget at her Bachelorette party.


Bar None Dregs

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Kim Kardashian Dwarf bachelorette party 06 (AlKHall Bar None Dregs)

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