Audio Dregs Pirate Pod Cask #01

Hot Twins Bar None wallpaper - Click on the shot for a wallpaper 2015-03-11

Hot Twins Bar None wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

The rumors were true. Your eyes were fed up of me and now your ears can be, too.

Barmaids and Beerhounds… i give you the

Audio Dregs Pirate Pod Cask #01

You can either click ‘Play’ to listen to it online…

Audio Dregs Pirate Pod Cask #01

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The music from the Pod Cask

Twin Atlantic – Yes, I Was Drunk

Inkyy – Dreams

Lorde – Hold My Liquor (Kanye West)

Fifth On The Floor – Whiskey

 They got a Facebook page and an Official Site you should check out.

The Pod Cask

  • Intro music the Atlantic Twins (cut it early)
  • Introduce yourself
    • Welcome You know me… And if you don’t I’m Al K Hall, the tender bartender here at the bar none. Al K Hall the, member of the D-generation (d as in drunk) and founder of D. R. I. N. K. E. R. S. (Drunks really independent now known as exiles reunited, Temporal Functional Alcoholic Slurperson
    • i also run the Bar None website for show notes
    • Welcome to my first ever pod cask
    • i’m not gonna waste too much of your time 15 minutes or so
  • Format
    • Booze Nooze all that’s shit to print about drinkers and drinking
    • Booze Revooze a drinkers skewed view of movies
    • The juiced-box: songs, ballads, ditties, tunes that leave us thinking about drinking
    • All you gotta do is sit back, put your feet up make yourself at home an what can i get you to drink?
  • Body That sound means it’s time for Booze Nooze – all the news that’s shit to print
    • Serving this first: i’m looking for a name for the pod cask. Please go to and leave a comment if you have any suggestions
      • Audio Dregs – the pirate pod cask
      • The Dregs full pod cask
  • If you have anything better, and i’m sure you do ‘cause y’all are a lot way more intelligenter than i am, leave your suggestions in the tips jar, which is what we call the comments section at the Bar None
  • Booze Nooze
    • Yo-Uh Oh! This singer, who knows even less about Martin Luther King Jr than i do unless MLK’s dream really was all about the “Success is all I see, I want the finer things” was Ervin McKiness aka Inkyy aka Jew’elz). You’ll find the full video and link to the original article at His story dates back to September 2, 2012 OK, this isn’t news but it’s news to me. Labor day 2012, this young rapper Ervin McKiness, 21 in SoCal tweets quote Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO unquote In human language this translates into Drunk as fuck, going 120 miles an hour, drifting the car around corners. Fuck it, you only live once. And to prove the point, the car crashed killing him and four other people. To be fair to McKiness, he probably wasn’t driving the car, but the irony of his last tweet being YOLO isn’t as lost as his phone probably is. Stay with me here, while i pay tribute to YOLO, which is teen text shorthand for “Hold my beer and watch this.”
      • From YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once, it’s a short trip to
      • YODO You only die once and then
      • You-DODO You only die once dear oaf which brings up
      • YODA You only die (asshat) and then
      • YONO you oughta not over do it and we’ll wrap it up with
      • YOYO You obliterated your opportunities
    • Free the Twins – Heidi Creamer (and i know you would if could because she’s half a twin) got the police called on her ass last December because she lives in Florida and not just that, she also got in a fight with her twin sister, Holly. Proving that two heads are not necessarily better than one. Heidi it seems punched, scratched and pulled Holly’s hair in the apartment the dynamic duo share with Heidi’s vag pal and a dildo. i know this because the police report stated that the altercation was over Heidi’s boyfriend and a sex toy. i’m guessing the boyfriend and the dildo wanted to include Holly in the action and sample the refreshments two fisted.
More Drunk Twins

More Drunk Twins

Heidi mug shot

Heidi mug shot


Heidi or Holly – Can we ever be sure?

  • Celebrity Dregs
    • Yes barmaids and beerhounds, that sound means it’s time for celebrity dregs, which are the same as the other dregs just more famous.
    • Oh my Lorde! Last November, my sweeeet Lorde won every award at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. To be fair, her only competition was sheep. Universal records threw a party for their star GOOD Lorde, who at the time was 18 by 2 weeks. Basically, Universal spent $80,000 getting a teenage girl drunk, which makes her the most expensive date in New Zealand. To be fair, the runner up was a sheep. I love ewe. The surprising thing is that they probably didn’t spend this money on peppermint schnapps and wine coolers, but champagne and other grown up drinks. Hats off to the record company, ‘cause I see what y’all are doing – trying to get a teenage girl drunk to take advantage of her…financially. In a tribute, here’s Dear LoRDE covering Kanye’s Hold My Liquor.
Win all the awards!!!!!!!!

Win all the awards!!!!!!!!

  • Booze Revooze of Run All Night
    • You don’t know what that sound means because this is the first pod cask, but that’s the introduction to Booze Revooze – A drinker’s skewed view of movies guaranteed spoiler free. Today i’m gonna review Run All Night because once again we here in YeMAN got a movie two days before y’all in the States.
    • You know how you drunk ride through the city at 3am with a good friend behind the wheel and you settle back into the shotgun seat with the streets as empty as the beer cans rolling at your feet while your driver accelerates and you feel great with the view washing over you. Because the city is always exciting and no matter when or where you are you settle back in the car knowing it and the drink will take you far, there’s always something going on while you race the dawn never feeling sick and never feeling tired. The trip is one you’ve taken before and what you’re seeing is nothing new but the ride is good and the buzz will see you through until the end of the road you’re on where you run down dawn. That mother fuckers is exactly what Run All Night was like.
    • i don’t know if you noticed this or not, but Liam Neeson has decided to remake the same fucking movie over and over again. And that movie is already Taken but that didn’t stop him from making Taken Two or Taken Three. Run All Night is the same shit different night but whatever, it’s a better night than anything he’s done since Taken. This is a night you might forget, but at least it’s a good time while you’re in it. 3 shots out of 5
  • Juiced box Fifth in the Floor “Whiskey”
  • Conclusion (with bar noise)
    • Show notes for the audio dregs are found at filed under Audio Dregs Pirate Pod Cask #01²
    • There’ll be videos of the songs i posted and just to make it clear, i use songs on a don’t ask don’t tell policy, which means i don’t ask so they can’t tell me no. That said, if you own the song and want me to take it down, you can email me at and i’ll see what i can do.
  • You’ll also find an outline of the script i ignored while putting this shit together

Beermaids and barhounds…Thanks for patronizing me.

The Drawers – NSFW!

Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman wallpaper - Click on the shot for a wallpaper

Joel Kinnaman wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson wallpaper - Click on the shot for a wallpaper

Liam Neeson wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

The Twins

The Twins Bar None Wallpaper - Click on the shot for a wallpaper 2015-03-11

The Twins Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper


Lorde Bar None Wallpaper - Click on the shot for a wallpaper

Lorde Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

Lorde 01 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde in the Bar None

Lorde 02 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde partying in the Bar None

Lorde 03 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde 04 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde 05 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde 06 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde 07 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde 08 Bar None AlKHall

Lorde 09 Bar None AlKHall

Thirsty for more Audio Dregs?

7 thoughts on “Audio Dregs Pirate Pod Cask #01

    • Thanks so much for your support on Twitter and Face book, brother. It’s much appreciated.

      i guess what i’m trying to say is, thanks for patronizing me.

      Al K Hall

      • If you don’t want to be too managed by the default WP file size, do what I do: I upload my audio files at a size and quality I want to dropbox and link from there. I make the files slightly bigger, but then, if people want quality that’s a sacrifice they have to make – size of file vs quality of recording.

        Something to look at for next time?

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    • John! Thanks, brother. Now i just gotta work on the vocal levels and settings and i’ll be in business.

      Thanks for listening, and thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

      • If you’re wanting to improve the quality of the audio file, I use dropbox and link the full quality file from there. Perhaps you could do a “one for download [the low-fi version] and one for streaming [the hi-res version], this way people could have a good quality one to stream on their browser, and a less sizeable version for their iPod or phone or whatever. I also use Vegas to edit my files together (not sure what you use – maybe Audacity, which can be clunky IMO) but if I can rip out a 30 minute podcast in a couple of hours, I’m sure you can too.

        Personally, upping the quality of the actual audio goes a long way to making the experience a pleasurable one (and I’m ALLLLLL about the pleasure LOL) but I can understand why some folks would want to only have to deal with a small file size etc.

        For the record, my process is: record vocal audio in Audacity, convert to WAV, import into Vegas, edit dialogue, modify with various effects (as required), add in music and “Swooshing” cues and any other audio effects, then render out in mp3 format at full resolution. Then re-render at 128 bit CD quality, upload to Dropbox and link back to the site post.

        This way your website isn’t trying to host the audio file for bandwidth on its own, it’s streaming from a 3rd party host.

        Aaaaanyway, that’s my suggestion! Can’t wait to hear the next one! This one was hilarious (although I have to admit, I was reading the noted well in advance of the audio so I “saw” most of the jokes before I “heard” them, which I had to stop doing.

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