Kendall Jenner’s Pepperonis


Remember when Kendall Jenner turned 21 last Saturday? She sure doesn’t. But it’s normal, she turned 21 and that’s what 21 year olds do. Anyway, I’m sure it’s the first time she ever drank, right?


There’s third world problems, first world problems and Kardashian problems. For example, a third world problem is they don’t have any booze. A first world problem is a hangover when you drink too much. A Kardashian problem is when you drink too much and forget you got a Rolls Royce for birthday.


Kendall Jenner in her birthday suit

Seriously, one of the best things about Kendall Jenner is she’s not a Kardashian, right? i mean, look at her last name. The other best thing about her is that she’s the hottest woman, living or dead, on the planet. And a third best thing is she loves her body even more than we do.


You know how you hate me because i’m all Free The Nipple just so i can use it to get what i want out of it (like looking at freed nipples)? Kendall is the same because she’s all Free The Nipple not because she’s worried about male and female equality but because she wants everybody looking at her pepperonis.


WTF, Al? i hear your saying. Why do you keep calling them her pepperonis? Hey, it’s  not my idea, it’s hers.

Because Instagram isn’t as cool as me, they don’t want to see girl’s looking good so they ban their good parts. Kendall really wants us to see hers, though, so she hid her girly bits with, what else, a pizza emoji. Yummy. 😋


Hungry? 🍕 🍕


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