Drinks AlKHall-bum

A Photo-dictionary to Drinks Referenced in My Posts

[Note: this page will be added to regularly.]



Yin-Yang: My sinspiration, used to attain the heights of creativity. Like the Yin-Yang symbol, the fusion of opposites leads to a balance of harmony. You get hot/cold, black/white, stimulant/depressant, sweet/bitter, drunk/sober…

The Yin-Yang is actually a combination of white wine and espresso drunk alternately.  The wine opens up those gates to heaven and the coffee  keeps me pumped enough to not want to stop. A couple glasses of each is enough to elevate me to a state where the writing happens all by itself and i just sit back and let it flood out of me.



A glass of chilled white wine (personally i go for Sauvignon or Chardonnay but it’s up to you) and a cup of fresh espresso (normal coffee is a weak substitute).

A Smoke


Chardonnay & Corks


Message In A Bottle



Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Beaujoulais Nouveau

Table Wine




Kriek (cherry lambic)

Kriek (cherry lambic)

Kriek (cherry lambic)

Desperado (Tequila-Beer cocktail)

Hard Stuff

One-Eyed, Wonder Worm Flying Purple Popper Drinker [AKA Flying Purple Popper Drinker]

One-Eyed, Wonder Worm Flying Purple Popper Drinker (Flying Purple Popper Drinker)


  • Tall glass
  • 4 ice cubes
  • Cheap Ass Vodka
  • 1 Energy Shot
  • Grape Juice


  1. Take tall glass firmly in your masturbation hand
  2. Add ice cubes
  3. Pour in as much Cheap Ass Vodka as you want [but if you fill it to the rim, there won’t be enough room for the other crap—i suggest a double shot]
  4. Add the Energy Shot
  5. Top off with grape juice


There are many reasons i’ve named the drink ‘Flying Purple Popper Drinker’. One is that you fly when your drink it. The second is that it’s purple. Another is that the Energy Shot (see photo) makes your face turn purple and gives you a head rush whenever you stand—like doing poppers. The other reason is you drink it.

What i’m saying here is that the Energy Shot will give you a rush so i suggest not drinking more than one of these a day. After the first, repeat recipe but drop the Energy Shot so you just get a Vodka-grape juice.

Screw Multivitamins: Vodka & Mutlivitamin Juice



Żubrówka (vodka)

One thought on “Drinks AlKHall-bum

  1. Vi men has to pull us self together. The record of drinking without dying is a lady! An american lady had twice deadly dose of alchohol in her body. After three days she left the hospital and straight to the nearest bar.
    Mr. myself have tried two bottles of Koskenkorva. I don`t even remember if I had a hangover. Cool!

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