Pour Man’s Homemade Cocktail Recipes

Pour Man’s Homemade Cocktails

(to be updated regularly)


MediSin (A Drug Cocktail)

MediSin (Cabinet)

MediSin (Cabinet)


  1. Put a cold capsule in the bottom of a tall glass
  2. Add ice and 3 fingers of vodka
  3. Fill glass with multivitamin juice
  4. Add a shot of cough medicine
  5. Top of with a throat lozenge and parecetemol
  6. Stir well and drink to the very bottom

Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS COCKTAIL AT HOME! IT’S DANGEROUS! Only i, Al K Hall, can get away with it.



A Drug Cocktail

A Drug Cocktail

A Smoke

Pour Man’s Amaretto Sour

Pour Man's Amaretto Sour

Pour Man's Amaretto Sour


  • 2 shots Amaretto
  • 2 parts grapefruit juice (pink is best)
  • 1 part orange juice
  • Ice
  • 1 part 7-up (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon Maraschino cherry juice (optional)


  1. Drop 3-4 ice cubes in the bottom of a scotch glass
  2. Add the double shot of Amaretto
  3. Then both the juices
  4. If you’re gonna splurge, now would be a good time to add the 7-up
  5. If you’re really splurging, throw in a spoonful of cherry juice
  6. Drink up


i found this recipe thanks to my mom, who was unable to find sweet & sour mix in the middle of a forest. It doesn’t taste anything like a real Amaretto Sour but it doesn’t taste bad either.

A Smoke

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