Photos: Self-unemployed

i’m thinking about a career change…

My ideal job has flexible hours; waking up when i want, taking a nap if the mood strikes me, finishing when i feel like it… i won’t even have to shower or shave. Or wash my clothes.

My new career involves an office outdoors with a nice view of the street. Or a park. Or the underside of a bridge.

i’ll work exclusively for tips but i won’t have to serve people. Passersby would just give me money for no damn reason.

Even better, i’ll have 365 days a year of vacation! And i’ll be my own boss.

While no experience is necessary, i have years of on (and off) the job training so i’m more than qualified. The real perk of the position, though, is that not only is drinking on the job authorized, it’s required!
Yeah, i’m gonna change jobs.

Help wanted.

[Press ‘Play’ for the soundtrack from the juiced-box: Shinedown – What A Shame]

A Caribbean Creation

Breakfast and Champions

Breakfast and Champions

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

Sketchy Details

What's Come Between Us

What's Come Between Us

Hidden Motives

Cham-pain: When you care enough to sleep off the very best.

The Ghost of the Incredibly Exploding Drunk

A Chalk Outline of His Former Self


Bottoms All The Way Down

How Does This Floor Work?

4-legged Hobo

4-legged Hobo

Sleeping Out and In

Sleeping Out and In

Another Beer? I'll Sleep On It

Living It Down

Man At Work

Man At Work

Home Sweat Home

Home Sweat Home


Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

11 thoughts on “Photos: Self-unemployed

  1. Haha Hal You simply hillarious.. lord those pics and ur words.. can’t stop laughing. at em. Love ur site !!!! Btw such a charming job u got lol, god am bloody Jealous. now.. hahaha.. Lmao!

    • Hi Ruksana!

      Thanks for stopping by! What can i get you to drink? Make yourself at home and come by whenever you want—we’re open 24/7 here.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  2. Hang with me while I write this, I’ve been drinking so there are secrew-ups.

    Wish I had my old photos from the early 70s to give you, one man was slumped over drunk right in the middle of the sidewalk.

    I didn’t take that photo because it was funny, silly or sad, I took it because at the time I thought it was just odd, I was 35 younger then.

    Another was of an old Eastern European woman in a babushka, sweater and a long black skirt. I’d see her now and again hobbling down the sidewalk, sometimes squatted down, only to rise up again and leave a puddle.

    Then there was the scary large old ruff looking one-eyed homeless black man, always pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with either his daily scrap finds or his worldly possession..

    Seeing him, you felt for him, but not knowing what to do, at my young age, you kept moving.

    Years later I sadly learn he died in a house fire he ‘may have’ set to keep warm in winter.

    Vowing never to end up like that, I did my best for years, but you never know when you will be blindsided by some unexpected event, something out of your control, be it a manager change, market change, family changes or what, you find yourself heading in the same direction.

    So yes, been there done that, several times over and pulled myself out several times, but the last one at my age was probably the worse, I hit rock bottom during the tech job loss in late 99 and early 2000s.

    I did hit the streets, but I kept my pride and self-worth and fought to get out and I did.

    Thankfully I’m at the age now that I have regular money coming in and I don’t have to crawl the streets like the people I see now, hooked on crack and what ever else they can find, beg scam, rob or steal.

    Yes, I still drink, usually after 4 or 5 pm or after an 8 or 10 hour shift, always been that way, always will be. I’m older now, can’t handle it anymore, maybe a few beers and a shot or two once and a while or I get a headache and sick, but I don’t have some woman screaming at me that I can’t have a few beers after work because she is Catholic!

    70’s & 80s, yea, they were really great, I miss the sex.

    What I see today, I wouldn’t touch, disease risk!
    Yet the teens today don’t know or don’t care?

    “Blue Waffle” is scary, RUN!

    • Phil, wow!

      Thanks for leaving such an introspective comment! It definitely gave me some food for thought, especially as my financial situation is in the toilet at the moment. There’s no real risk of my being homeless, but it’s certainly preoccupying enough for me to quit smoking to save money (i was a pack a day smoker) and quit drinking in order to stop running away from my problems and face them head on.

      If you ever find those early photos from the 70’s be sure to let me know; i’d love to highlight them here (if you’re interested).

      Bottoms up, my brother, and thanks for patronizing me!

      Don’t be a stranger,

      Al K Hall

  3. Dear Al K Hall, I’m clip researcher for french TV channel M6 and looking for the author of photos of Radcliffe in the Bar None published on their web site. Is that you ?
    We’d like to use them in our report to illustrate Radcliffe’s interview on that “partying period. What would be your conditions ?
    Thank you for your answer …

    • i quit a year ago and i’ve been doing pretty well. i don’t miss it anymore, but that was a point it took months to get to. In the end, the tools i used to help be get off the booze really came in handy when it came the smokes.

      i quit for the same reason you did, it’s just to fucking expensive. Except now, a year later, i’m not sure i’d go back again even if i won the lottery.

      Hang in there and thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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