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Christina Aguilera in the Bar None

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Drunk Riding

On March 1, 2011 Christina Aguilera and her breasts were arrested for public drunkenness. She took the twins out…for a night on the town with her new main squeeze, Matthew Rutler. Hold on a sec while i dig out my photo of ol’ Matt and post it over there on the left.

Seems the happy couple, along with Xtina and Matt, got sloshed in an upscale restaurant called Osteo Mama (or something) in LA. Everyone was enjoying so much wine that, according to TMZ, the waiter told a fan not to send more booze because the party was already “drinking one bottle of wine…maybe two.” Like a Bactrian camel (yep, the kind that has two humps), she suckled both bottles dry and continued on after the restaurant closed.

Apparently she holds her breaths better than her booze because when Matt was pulled over for drunk driving, even if he blew only .01% over the limit. They both got busted, pair of boobs that they are, him for DUI and her for public drunkenness which i was amazed to discover is still a crime in LA. She had to spend all night in the pokey and was released the next morning. The prosecutor said he will not press charges against her tits for tat.

i’m not politically correct enough for you? i don’t give a hooters. Let me just shake my magic wand more than twice and: ta tas! Christina Aguilera wallpaper and Drawer Shots.

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