The Girls of SCREAM 4

If you’re looking for my killer Booze Revooze of Scream 4, i keep that in this pocket over here. If you’re just looking for pictures of the hotties that were in the movie without my trademark (and more “mark” than “trade”, believe me) wit, then you’ve settled into the right place in my drawers because these are the Girls of Scream 4.

Emma Roberts (20) was Jill Roberts

Emma Roberts in the Bar None

Neve Campbell (37) was Sidney Prescott

Courtney Cox (46) was Gale Weathers-Riley

Hayden Panettiere (21) was Kirby Reed

Hayden Panettiere Nip Slip

Hayden Panettiere in the Bar None

Marley Shelton (37) was Deputy Judy Hicks

Marielle Jaffe (21) was Olivia Morris


Marielle Jaffe in the Bar None

Alison Brie (27)was Rebecca Walters

Alison Brie and a Little Head

Lucy Hale (21) was Sherrie

Shenae Grimes (21) was Trudie

Shenae Grimes in the Bar None

Aimee Teegarden (21) was Jenny Randall

Brittany Robertson (21) was Marnie Cooper

Kristen Bell (30) was Chloe

Kristen Bell in the Bar None

Anna Paquin (28) was Rachel

Anna Paquin in the Bar None

Heather Graham (41) was Casey (archive footage)

Heather Graham in the Bar None

Booze Revooze: A Drinker’s Skewed View of SCREAM 4

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From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Ida Maria – Bad Karma

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Ramblings: Scream 4 Help

Final Proof: 2 shots

You know how you buy a keg of beer to drink all by yourself? Freshly tapped and you’re living large ’cause it’s super chilled and frothy and so bubbly it makes your eyes water when you try to drink it too fast but it’s hard not to want to because it’s just so damn good and fresh and tasty and new. It stays that way through the first couple hours but after that it gets a little more tepid with the passing time. It loses its crispness and loses its edge and what was a unique twang in the first few glasses is beginning to taste dull and it just gets flatter and flatter and you realize it’s not so sweet anymore and you’re gonna move on to a new brand even if there’s still some swill left in the old tired one. Sipping that kind of stale, warm, flat, leftover, buzzless beer is kinda how hard it was to swallow Scream 4.

You know me and if you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. i’m super easy to please, just look at my ex-girlfriends and speaking of horror films, when i watch one i want some original action, some loud music and some very cute actresses. Scream 4 had 1½ of these (points, not actresses) because there were a couple good tunes and shitloads of hot babes, but the action here was so tired that I couldn’t wake up.

All of the tricks that made Screams 1 and 3 so cool were here but that’s a lot of the problem because it was the same old shit and nothing new which was just like that nasty keg of stale beer.  No one wants reheated beer, man.

"Shh, my left tit has a secret it wants to tell you: This movie sucks."

Like they did that one thing where they talk about what they hate about horror films and yet two of the things that burn my ass more than cheap beer and all you can eat green chili tacos were here in this movie. The first thing i already talked about before but i’m gonna do it again anyway, too bad for you because it’s when the killer chases the victim all over hell shooting a bajillion bullets, any one of which would have killed the fucker like a kicked bucket, yet when the murderer is two inches from the trapped, cowering prey with the gun barrel pressed against the victim’s temple, the slayer stops and just stands there waiting for some random hero to come along and waste him.

Newcomers & Goers

Then the other thing is how come in horror movies it’s impossible to find a door with a peephole? Seriously, where do people find these doors with no peephole because if you look around in real life it’s damn near impossible to find a front door with out a little hole to look through to see if the person ringing the doorbell is a raving psycopathic serial killer lunatic weilding a butcher knife the size of Florida or not. Do people have to pay extra for these for doors? “Our standard door comes with a little piece of glass in it so you don’t accidentally let in a drooling madman in the middle of a killing spree who will rape your skull’s eye hole before cutting up your family into pieces smaller than Justin Beiber’s balls in a cold swimming pool. What? You prefer to have no hole so it’s like playing russian roulette every time someone knocks on your door? Well, that’ll have to be made special. Sure, whatever, it’s your thousand bucks.”

The film was full that of that kind of crap plus it was full of nothing like story, excitement, or fun. Scream 4 is like a knife that was sharp and edgy at first blood but after years of use simply becomes dull. Unlike the Scream series, i’m not gonna drag this out any longer than i have to. i’ll wrap this up by saying i kept forgetting this was a real movie and not a “Scary Movie”. Whatever, Scream 4 was neither.

Buzz Kills (Watch Out for Spoilers)

Sex: 4 Shots

i’d of gone a lot higher if they had even the briefest flash of sexy. The sexy turned out being as wasted as a stripper at a toddler’s birthday party.

Fifteen babes. Count ’em: Fifteen. This is gonna take a while so sit back and put your feet up ’cause if this takes you even a fraction of the time it took me to amass this pile of ass then you’re gonna be here a while. Look i even got some tuneage for y’all to listen to while you peruse.

Marielle Jaffe and her bra as Olivia Morris

The best part of the movie was the actresses, hands down (and then up again and then down again and up and down up down up down up down up down updownupfaster faster YEAH BABY!!!!!! !! !! !! ! ! ! !    !       !) Wes Cravin’ chose barely legal babes based on their natural endowed-ments for his art and it really works for me except for the part where I felt a little scuzzy for mackin’ on girls so young.

Panettiere & a Culkin!? Which one is the girl?

Just let me point out here that there was even a bigger babe surplus here than in Sucker Punch and so, just like the Girls of Sucker Punch  (and Girls of Nine before that), i’m gonna hafta do a Girls of Scream 4 spread. i’ll keep you ‘posted’.

Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts

The female lead was Emma Roberts (20) as Jill Roberts and i’m not gonna say too much about her because i’m still ascared of her dad, Eric. i will say she was a good enough actress for as much of a part as she had to work with. Oh yeah, i’ll also mention that i did a post on her a while back when she was jetsetting to England to get her underage UK buzz on. Oh yeah again, did you know she has the smallest belly button ever invented? Oh yeah too, she looks like this.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

As your tender bartender, i’m all about the free shots, so here you go. A bonus round:

Emma Roberts at the Bar None

Before we get to the new blood, let’s get in with the old. Reprising (which means “doing it again” but it’s shorter to write, unless you also type an explanation), her role of Sidney Prescott is Neve Campbell (37), who’s been doing less and less and shit since she got older. Which is kinda too bad because i’ve always liked her and thought she was hot in a pretty non traditional way, which is almost just as good and sometimes even better than the traditional, missionary way of looking good. See?

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

Here’s her doing her thing in Scream.

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Also doing Scream 4 a favor by coming back is Courtney Cox who i like so much i’m not even going to make juvenile jokes about her last name no matter how hard it is. Here’s why…

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

Hayden Panettiere (21) was in this bad boy, too (emphasis on “bad”, yo). i’m not gonna blame Hatin’ Panties, though, any more than i do for the short haircut they stuck on her (emphasis on “boy”).

Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed

Here she is looking much better as herself.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

And the hits just keep right on rolling with the ever so lovely and ever so talented Marley Shelton (37) whose total hotness is totally hidden by her role of Deputy Judy Hicks. Here she is in all her unfettered glory.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

And now begins the slew. Starting off the bevy of beautiful babes, and i don’t think i mean “babes” literally but that’s hard to tell, is Marielle Jaffe. This 21 years young lady has a speaking part and everything and she even does so well i didn’t know she’d started off as a model but i thought she was a real actress and everything.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

You’re really gonna wanna check out the Girls of Scream 4 post to see where we go with her.

The first babe you’ll see all movie is Lucy Hale (21) as Sherrie, a Selena Gomez look-a-like. At least i guess that’s what the role was because Lucy looks a lot like a street legal version of Selena Gomez. Am i right or am i right?

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

"I'm not Selena Gomez but I play one in the movies."

Also performing with Lucy Hale in the first cut scene is Shenae Grimes (21) from 90210 as Trudie. Hell, you say “Grimes”, i say “Dirty”.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

"Help me, I'm trapped in this shitty movie."

To wrap up the real roles (and not just the cameos) is Alison Brie (27), who plays publicist Rebecca Walters. Not only does this collage conclude the actresses with meaty parts, she also kicks off the Boob trilogy because the next three young ladies are all so large they could not appear on the screen together. A chest cold for them would be fatal. If all three of them had been on the Titanic, it would not have sunk. You get the point. Here’s the first of the boob sextuplets.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

Following not close enough behind for my taste is Aimee Teegarden, aka “Teen-garden” because she clocks in at 21 (which is close enough to 19 for me), and both of her boobs. If Wes Craven deserves any credit for this movie disaster, it’s his ability to get both of Aimee Teagarden Party’s boobs on the screen at the same time—not an easy task. Look at how hard it is for me.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper and step back

Here’s Aimee Teabaggin’s secret to her incredible boobets (because you can’t call them ‘ass’ets).

If i had to pick a personal favorite boob triplet, though, gun to my head it’d hafta be Brittany Robertson (who is, let me check, yep, 21, too). She’s just so damn cute. “Cute” is definitely the word and not just with a capital C but U-T-E as well. Plus she did a great job with her cameo which was so cute it almost made me want to watch some series she’s in called “Life Unexpected”.  Just kidding. Anyway, here’s the CUTEy.

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

Scream 4: You'll Die of Boredom

It’s been a Scream tradition to have some well known actresses appear to boost their cool kid cred and for Cravin’ to sell more tickets. Fortunately for us, because it gives us something other than his movie to watch, at least at the begining. Plus, even if the scene between Kristen Bell (and Anna Paquin) looked a little forced, we still got to look at Kristen Bell (and Anna Paquin Heat). Which didn’t look anything at all like this.

Kristen Bell (30)

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

(Anna Paquin Heat) (28)

Click on the Shot for the Wallpaper

Heather Graham in the Bar None

Finally, i made a glorious mistake because i thought Heather Graham was in this movie but in fact she wasn’t. She was in a previous one (Scream 2, and please pretend you care) of these but i didn’t know that because imdb listed her as in this one with a little note “Archive Footage” after her character’s name (“Casey”, if you’re still pretending to care). So i did the work and i might was well post it if i went to all the trouble of spending hours looking up pictures of hot girls on the net. Here is the fruit of my loins labor, Heather Graham (41 but looking hotter than those 21 year olds).

For those of you more into Shouts than Screams, here’s the Bar None Regular, David Arquette (39) passed out on the floor in the Men’s Room.

Click on the Shot if You're Desperate for the Wallpaper

Silken Butterflies

The lovely and oh so very talented Nancy O’Dell (45) graces the screen with her presence as “TV Host”. Thank you Nancy, for this bit of respite from the movie you found yourself prisoner of.

There’ll be some Drawer shots of her down below. Keep scrolling …

And don’t forget the Girls of Scream 4 coming prematurely.

A Smoke

Drink: ½ Shot

and i’m being super generous. These are the details as quick as i can write them. They had keg beer in plastic cups at the Stabathon (mad propz to the genius writer who came up with that shit). They also had a ridiculous drinking game to go with this along the lines of “Every time someone falls down, take a drink” or some boring shit. You want a fucking game? Here’s a game for Scream 4: Every time you fall asleep, have a drink. Only problem is you’d drink so much that you pass out.

There’s also Kirby (Hayden Pantylines with a character name as manly as her haircut and her shoulders) drinking gin and tonic. Oh yeah, Robbie (Erik Knudsen) drinks shots of whiskey from a glass flask.

That is all.

A Smoke

Rock & Roll: 0 Shots

i gotta go here just because i’m so pissed off by the movie. There were three good songs in the movie, i already posted the first two and look, here it is the third one.

Even with 3 good tunes i’m giving this a zero because the other songs on the OST suck rocks (does the world really need a calypso song called “Run For Your Life”?—i want to cut my ears off to punish them for even hearing it) and the action was worse. The only screams you hear will be your own.

Boring Technical Crap

Written by: Kevin Williamson

Directed by: Wes Craven


  • Emma Roberts – Jill Roberts
  • Neve Campbell – Sidney Prescott
  • Courteney Cox – Gale Weathers-Riley
  • Hayden Panettiere – Kirby Reed
  • Marley Shelton – Deputy Judy Hicks
  • Marielle Jaffe – Olivia Morris
  • Alison Brie – Rebecca Walters
  • Lucy Hale – Sherrie
  • Shenae Grimes – Trudie
  • Aimee Teegarden – Jenny Randall
  • Brittany Robertson – Marnie Cooper
  • Kristen Bell – Chloe
  • Anna Paquin – Rachel
  • Heather Graham – Casey (archive footage)
  • Nancy O’Dell – TV Host
  • David Arquette – Dewey Riley

Bottom Line

You wanna save 10 bucks? The best part of the movie is this post (and the Girls of Scream 4).

Al K Hall’s Drawers

Nancy O’Dell (45!) as TV Host

Haven’t Had Your Fill of the Booze Revooze? Click here for another round.

Dregs of the Week: Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2010


Click On The Shot For Wallpaper Size


Looks like you picked the wrong day to come into the Bar None for a shot. This week, the dregs are packing a whole new way to be loaded in the bar, deep fried beer and, you know it, Oktoberfest. Do you feel me? Do you wanna? That’s not even mentioning the Celeb Dregs with the Bar Nun, underage Bristle Pain and Hayden Pantyhair at…you know it…Oktoberfest. Let’s kick this off with a song that’s #1 with a bullet.

From the juiced-box and dedicated to y’all in Tennessee: Jake Kellen – Guns and Beer and Girls

Commoner Dregs

Oct 3: Loaded in Bars

You know how someone steals your drink in a bar and you wish you had a gun to shoot them in the face? Me too, so let’s go to Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona and Georgia (hey, birds of a feather get shot together) where, by law, we can get all kinds of shots. There is finally legislation that explicitly allows me to carry a sidearm into a public house, and just in time too, because i was all set to start bitching about how the USA isn’t enough like the Wild West. Or Somalia.

Gun people (and you just gotta love gun people, doncha?—especially because if you don’t they shoot you in the face) pressed lawmakers like a trigger to pass the law after the Supreme Court, who was apparently smashed out of their minds on Supreme Cognac the time, said that Americans have a right given to them by God and country not just to arm a militia but themselves as well in the defense of their home; which obviously includes bars because you just know the kind of people who fight for this kind of shit practically live in bars anyway.

But who am i to judge someone who wants to marry their cousin and play William Tell in a saloon down south? Let’s look at this objectively, k?

Here are the pros:

All right, and here are the cons:


Anyway, what’s sure is that i got more shots of guns and girls in my drawers, if you scroll down.

Aug 31: Deep Fried Beer

Because Texas is jealous that Tennessee always gets to look stupidest, some guy there invented deep fried beer. Apparently, he takes whatever passes for beer down there and puts it in a small pocket of pretzel dough and deep fries it. He says, “It tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of [oil saturated] beer.” Yeah, after a long hard day “wrangling” cattle (Texas talk for porking the livestock), what you really need to cool down is hot, flat beer soaked in grease.

A special shout out to my one and only Miss Demeanor who brought this bit of tid to my attention. Thanks, darlun.

Sept 18 – Oct 4: Rocktoberfest

i really don’t got nothin’ to say about this because, like an orgasm during a bowel movement, it’s already come and passed. Still, i’m always looking for opportunities to post pictures of hot girls drinking and this’ll do as good as any this week. Besides, i keep hoping if it keep posting this crap y’all eventually are gonna take up a collection to send me there one year.


Click On The Shot For Wallpaper Size


Celeb Dregs

Sept 25: Hayden Has Hollow Hooters

Hayden Panettiere took her boobs to Munich to show them Oktoberfest. Her boobs look bigger and a lot of websites are saying the twins are recent add-ons but i’m not so sure. i mean, she’s no taller than a German beer stein, right? So where does all the beer go when she drinks it? i’m thinking it fills her boobs. Judge for yourselves…

Here’s the requisite collage and there’ll be shots of her overflowing my drawers at the the bottom of the post.


Click On The Shot For Wallpaper Size


Sept 28: Bristol Palin Does NOT Drink (& Bears Do NOT Shit In The Woods)

Remember that mini scandal you never heard about? Republican’t politician Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, is only 19-years old and got caught popping into Rumrunner’s Old Towne Bar and Grill in Alaska. But she didn’t drink, she went there for the nachos. Which is like saying i drink for social contact or read Greased Irish Midgets In Latex for the articles.

Here’s a collage of her not drinking.


Click On The Shot For Wallpaper Size


She also does not carry a gun.

i bet she moves to Tennessee real soon.

Sept 30: Ho-hum-han

Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab. Blah blah blah. After last week’s revelation by InTheSameBoat, i’ve lost some motivation to dwell on our Bar Nun. She’s gonna hafta do something really spectacular to get back in my good graces. Or something really slutty. That’d work, too. Anyway, here’s a blurry picture of her in rehab from Egotastic.

Bar None Dregs

One Giant Step Towards World Domination

We’re kinda super famous! If you’ll remember, i posted an interview with Olga Fedori, the lovely actress from The Wolfman a while back. Well, guess what? Today i discovered Olga now has a Wiki page, which makes her officially (i think because i haven’t bothered to check the rest) my first interviewee to have a Wiki page. Check it out.

Did you see it? Didja? Look very closely at the “References” section. Who comes in just after “Dead Link”? Oh no, they didn’t. But, oh yes, they did go there! Pow. We here at the Bar None are becoming reference material. Didja see my name? My name in Wiki goes something like: Hall, Al K. Which makes absolutely no fuckin’ sense. But still, it’s a first step. Today, reference #2 just after “Dead Link” and tomorrow…maybe i’ll replace “Dead Link”. Dare to dream, babes.

Get Well (And Then In Another Accident)

On another, less personal note, i’d like to thank Juliette Lewis for getting in a car accident. The day after her car crash, the Bar None had it’s second “highest” day ever, coming in at exactly 2,996 page views, mostly for my review of Whip It. Thanks for coming by in drunk droves. And Juliette? Anytime you want to get hit and run, you know where to come, babe.

Where i’m At

For those of you guys who read about my new drinking rule and still care anyway, i’ve been sticking pretty regular to only drinking out of the house. 2-3 business lunches a week, the open bar office party on Friday’s, champagne at art gallery openings… i’ve only broken the rule once and it turned out badly because i drank a bottle of white at home and got mad at Miss D for some shit i should of talked to her about when i was sober but oh well, once in 3 weeks is a hell of a lot better than it was before. So the rule stands for the foreseeable future.

Al K Hall’s Drawers

No more wit. The wit is over. From now on the post is just pictures and completely witless.

Girls With Guns

Oktoberfest 2010

But wait, don’t girls drink at Oktoberfest? Let’s see…

Hayden Panettiere (21)

Didn’t get your fill of the dregs? i keep them on tap right here.

Dregs Of The Week: Feb 15 – Feb 22

Hayden's Not The Only One Lickin' The Dregs This Week

This week at the bottom of the dregs we got a fallen hero, a visit from Lindsay, Pete looking petered, Charlie Sheen’s wife in rehab, Charlie Sheen not in rehab, Emma Roberts smarter than you think, Dita Von Teese in her cups, Jesus’trail of broken beer bottles, why you can’t pee in Rio and oh so many more things that aren’t my fault.

From the juiced-box and dedicated to Hayden Panettiere: Ron Hacker – I Got Tattooed

[Press ‘Play’ to get tattooed]

Feb 17: Drinkin’ Makes Me Horny And Stupid, Too

This 45-year-old in Bunnell, Florida drove herself to the local prison for a conjugal visit with her homey-away-from-home. Only problem was, she was late for her visitation pass. Only other problem was the jail doesn’t allow conjugal visits. The real problems started when she came back a short time later and the deputies realized she was totally drunk. They called the road patrol who found her sitting in the car in the parking lot. She failed every test they threw at her: field test, breath test and she had a BAC of 0.256%. She was arrested, but the cold hearted bastards wouldn’t even throw her drunk ass in the same cell as her jail-mate—the babe had to go home and work release in solitary.

Feb 15: An Upstream Battle

You can be arrested for peeing in Rio. Seems years past, revelers got liquored up and found sweet relief just about anywhere to the point the gutters were rivers of liquid gold. Well, not anymore. To stem the primrose tide, city officials are fining and even arresting main vein drainers. At last-call, 77 golden showerers were cut off.

Feb 17: Not That Funny

i tried to find a way to make this funny, god knows i did, but there just isn’t anything funny about it. Nathan Lewis (21), of Lewiston (no relation, i’m guessing), Idaho got himself hitched on a Sunday. That afternoon, he got popped like K-Mart champagne for D&D, which is lingo for Drunk & Disorderly, not Dungeons & Dragons. So I. M. Redneck gets out on bail and then goes home and gets busted again, this time for domestic violence because he beat up on his new wife. Arrested twice on his wedding night, that’s how you know when the honeymoon’s over.

Feb 15: Cops Find Jesus

Jesus Perez (26) got drunk in Massachusetts, like everyone else in the freakin’ state, but made the mistake of driving into 6 parked cars. But even that doesn’t set him apart from the rest of the Massachewtards. He’s smarter than the average christ ’cause when he fled the scene, he grabbed his case of Heineken. He failed as beer savior, though, ’cause there was a hole in the case and he kept losing bottles that smashed on the ground behind him as he ran. All the police had to do to arrest him was follow the trail of broken glass. Handsful & Cretin: a truly Grimm fairytale.

Celebrity Dregs

Feb 15: i’m Breaking The Rules

i normally avoid anything that has to do with drugs because the scope of this blog is already wide enough, but y’ll made me change my mind by hitting Celebrity Dregs Of The Weeks: Nov 30 – Dec 13 a freaking 77 times last Saturday. And it was all about Brian Bonsall. i tried to figure out why this old post received so much attention and uncovered that Brian recently got busted for ‘openly’ smoking weed in Boulder, Colorado (which is as astonishing as drinking in Massachusetts, eh Jesus?) while on parole for drunkenly beating up his buddy with a barstool. Anyway, here’s the  mug shot, fresh with new tats for the occasion.

Feb 17: Charlie Sheen, “I Ain’t Gonna Go To Rehab, no, no, no”

In news that has nothing to do with tattoos, seems that while his wife, Brooke Mueller, went to rehab for an addiction to crack cocaine, the rest of the world was hinting Charlie should follow her lead and check himself in for his alcoholism. Basically, he said screw that noise, despite admitting to having a drinking problem in the past. And despite having a sober coach with him on Christmas Eve, just before roasting his chestnuts on an open, booze fueled fire and then getting arrested for going at Brooke. This denial proves once and for all the old adage that, “You can lead a ho to alcohol but you can’t make him think.”

Brooke Mueller from D-Listed

Feb 19: Dita Von Teese Wants You To Join Her In A Drink

Stripper Dita Von Teese found a way to get her ex-husband Marilyn Manson out of Evan Rachel’s Woods: Bathe in gin. Unfortunately, Evan is hotter, so the gin’ll only work if Manson drinks the whole, giant glass and he’d only do that if it wasn’t tainted by Von Teese’s huge, giant Dita. Plus, even if he did, he’d be too drunk to do anything with anyone anyway.

(Click On Image For Wallpaper Size)

Feb 18: Pete Doherty Must’ve Drank The Whole Von Tini

Petey came of a Camden Club called Koko looking like Kaka. If a  picture’s worth a thousand words, a collage has gotta be worth a bajillion, right?

Feb 18: Lindsay Apologizes To Me

After last week’s thrashing about abusing alcohol by throwing vodka at her gal-pal Sam Ronson, Lindsay tried to sneak her way back into my good graces. This time, she decided to blow off a DUI hearing in Beverly Hills so she could party in London. Here’s a shot of her coming out of a London club at 4:30am, the morning of her trial. Say what you will, she looks one hell of a lot better than Pete Doherty.

In fact, Lohan didn’t have to be in court, her lawyer’s got her BAC. Her presence was optional because she’s been attending alcohol education classes, as scheduled. See that picture up there? That’s her leaving an all night cramming session.

Feb 17: Emma Roberts Drinks Legally—At 19

From the juiced-box and dedicated to Emma Roberts: The Doors – Wild Child

Speaking of going to London to get out from under the law… Emma Roberts showed rich kids how they can get their drink on at 19: Go to Europe where the drinking age is 18.

Emma Drinking Gin & Tonics

Here’s Emma Roberts exposéd:

Feb 21: Fallen Hero

A guy from Heroes named Adrian Pasdar (who played a guy named Nathan Petrelli) was officially charged for drunk driving after being busted for doing 90 on the freeway on January 27. Yeah, i care as little as you do, but at least it gives me an excuse to exposé Hayden Panettiere.

Click On Image For Wallpaper Size

Finally, why the song about Tattoos at the beginning? ‘Cause Hayden wins The Bar None’s irony award this week. Here’s her tattoo:

It reads: Vivere senza rimipianti.

It means: Live without regrets [in Italian].

It’s ironic: One wonders if she lives without regretting the spelling mistake. There’s an extra “i” in “rimpianti”.