The 9/11 Tribute Shooter: The Truth About the Drink in Jennifer’s Body

UPDATE: Feb 16, 2011

i sit corrected. If you check out the Comments section below, one of my unfaithful readers pointed out the error in my ways, diligently if a little smarmily. Turns out the drink is real enough and i probably couldn’t find it online because i was searching using the drink name they use in the movie (“the 911”) and not the real name (“American Flag”). Wanna Bet continues on to guide us to, where they have this recipe for the American Flag. My humble gratitude to WB for his gracious help and not so patronizing corrections.

Megan Fox

Sneak Peek of Jennifer's Body

This post is an addendum to my Jennifer’s Body Booze Revooze.

From the juiced-box and the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack:

[Press ‘play’ for “Teenager” pop/rocks]

Jennifer’s Body Gets Searched Daily

On my blog, anyway.

About once a day the Internet, in all its wisdom, sends people to my blog who are looking for the ingredients of the drink served in Diablo Cody’s movie about the hot teenage vampire zombie. What kind of tender Bartender would i be if i didn’t offer it here at the Bar None?

The “9/11 Tribute Shooter” Ingredients

Don’t exist. The drink is a figment of Diablo Cody’s wild imagination. i’d love to serve it up for you here, but the problem is that there’s no such thing. Don’t believe me? i have the transcript (i’ll e-mail you a pdf copy if you leave your address) and here’s what the screenplay says about the drink:

ScriptHere’s the only other reference in the script:

script 2

The drink is, apparently, three liqueurs: one red, another white and the third blue. They are served in a Tom Collins glass to resemble one of the twin towers. The principle of the drink is the same as that of a Tequila Sunrise in that the liquids of different densities separate into different layers. In the “9/11 Tribute Shooter”, the colors look red, white and blue.

This is, in fact, impossible. One of the reasons is that there are no liqueurs that resemble the colors used in the movie cocktail. The second reason is, unlike a Tequila Sunrise (which has three different types of drinks: orange juice, tequila and grenadine syrup), liqueurs are the same density so if they were poured into the same glass, they would mix, not separate.

That’s the truth about the “9/11 Tribute Shooter”. See? The Internet sent you to the right place after all.