X-Men Days Future Past 03 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

0-5 Shots: X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days Future Past (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Roberta Flack – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

[Press ‘Play’ for a taste of 1973]

Ramblings: The X Factor

Final Proof: 4 Shots

4 shots

You know how you get drunk at an office party on a Thursday night? All of the gang is there, it’s the same people you don’t get drunk with all day at work and they’re here again but they look a little unusual and act a little cooler and the office is still the normal office but it looks kind of weird because it’s late at night and the lighting’s different than during the day. You have a good time and you let your hair down, and you unbutton an extra button on your shirt while you flirt with danger and the office hottie, but at the same time you never forget where you are so you don’t let yourself go crazy and you’re home by 2am and ready for work the next day. X-Men: Days of Future Past was as fun and as safe as that office party.

X-Men Days Future Past 02 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

i originally wasn’t planning on going with 4 shots for this film but X-Men: Days of Future Past was ½ shot better than Godzilla and i gave that 3½ shots so there you go, a 4-shot movie.

Why hesitate to go the full 4? X-M:DoFP accomplished what it set out to do very well, but it didn’t set out to do all that much. It’s a solid movie with a story that’s easy enough to follow, even for me, and this despite jumping around in time all over the place. The acting was nice and not just Jennifer Lawrence who can do no wrong here in the Bar None, but even people i’m not big fans of weren’t too annoying. (i have nothing against Hugh Jackman because you can make “Hugh Jass” or “Hugh Jackass” jokes about his name, but i hate Wolverine with a passion partly because his last movie sucked Hugh Jass and mostly because his hair cut is what they should give pedophiles so they stand out from the crowd and make it easier for us to spot and hate on.)

X-Men Days Future Past 03 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

Kaley Cuoco's boobs at 18

Floppy hippie peace sign hat’s off to Bryan Singer who directed all this because most of the movie takes place in 1973 and i know from personal experience (mescal flashbacks) that this is what 1973 exactly looked like. Even the Pepsi product placement signs were vintage. The movie–like Kaley Cuoco’s boobs at 18–had an authentic look and feel.

Also, the special effects were very good. i saw this bad boy in (passive) 3D and there was enough eye candy to keep me interested and i’m not talking about trying to see if Mystique wears panties when she’s blue. It looked good and it moved at a good pace with only one really noticeable slow spot which they got out of the way at the beginning and was when they had to tell us the story of all the X-Men movies.

X-Men Days Future Past 04 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

Why hesitate then? Because the film was missing the spark that set movies like The Avengers above the flood of super hero cinema. There was nothing special and when i see a film, i want special. i want to get excited about a movie, to get goosebumps, to guy cry a little. i want to feel kind of drunk when i watch a movie, especially because i’m an alcoholic who stopped drinking and can’t get drunk the normal way any more.

X-Men Days Future Past 05 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

Finally, and being careful not to give away any spoilers, i felt a sense of “So what?” when the movie ended. Like it was a good movie but didn’t contribute anything to the X-Men anthology. Sure, it was better than all 3 of the first X-Men combined (i’m a Hugh Jater of those movies), but not as important as First Class.

At the end, you’ll give it a warm round of applause, but you won’t jump to your feet and yell “encore”.

X-Men Days Future Past 05 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

Buzz Kills (Watch Out for Spoilers)

Sex: 3 shots

X-Men Days Future Past 07 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

3 shots

Many, many beautiful women here (OK, three beautiful women, but in my life, that constitutes “many”). Then there’s knowing that Jennifer Lawrence is walking around naked except for a little polyurethane net and some body paint and you have all the fixings for a hot ticket. Apart from that, no sex or nudity, though there is a reference made that Mystique / Raven and Erik / Magneto had something X rated going on for a while.

Here’s what the majestic Jennifer Lawrence looks like when she’s not blue.

Jennifer Lawrence Young 2014-02-19 Bar None Wallpaper (AlKHall Bar None Booze Revooze)

Young Jennifer Lawrence Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

There’ll be more shots of her in my drawers, down below. Just keep scrolling down until you hit the warning.

Also thrown in the mix is Ellen Page, my newest favorite lesbian. Here in the Bar None we welcome lesbians with open arms and not just because they’re hot. We have a strict no-hating policy here, including sexual preference, race, religion, politics and drink choice. Because none of those things stands in the way of hotness. Witness:

Ellen Page Bar None Wallpaper (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

Ellen Page in the Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

There’s more single body shots of her down below as well.

Rounding things up, there was this super hot Chinese woman named Fan Bingbing who covered up all her goods because she played a mutant called Blink, like “Blink and you’ll miss her”. Fortunately, i’ve got this capture of her here for y’all.

Fan Bingbing Bar None Wallpaper (AlKHall Bar None)

Fan Bingbing Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the shot for a wallpaper

i threw some shots of her in my drawers as well. Dig down deep and enjoy.

On one final note, for those of you who prefer Y-chromosomes to X-women, Hugh Jackson shows his naked ass in this movie. i’m not gay, but i’d like to have that ass…as mine.

A Smoke

Drink: ½ Shot

1-2 shot

Not a lot of booze here and what they had wasn’t key to the plot, so if they’re not going to make the effort, neither am i.

X-Men Days Future Past 08 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)


  • Young Charles Xavier drinks vodka from a scotch glass
  • Russian and Vietnamese soldiers drink in a Paris disco
  • Vietnamese officer orders a bottle of Johnny Walker at the bar
  • Charles drinks whiskey on a private jet to Paris

Slurred Speeches

I haven’t had a real sip in 10 years.

Erik drinking whiskey on the plane to Paris after his escape from prison

X-Men Days Future Past 09 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

A Smoke

Rock & Roll: 4 shots

4 shots

Very good special effects, (you won’t believe what happens to the baseball park) and regular action scenes with a minimum of backtalk left me satisfied in this domain. While there was no real rock and roll to the movie, they did have “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” twice and the escape scene with Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” was killer. So yeah, imma go 4 shots on this.

X-Men Days Future Past 10 (AlKHall Booze Revooze)

Boring Technical Crap

Written by:

Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn – story
Simon Kinberg – screenplay

Directed by: Bryan Singer


Jennifer Lawrence – Raven / Mystique
Ellen Page – Kitty Pryde
Fan Bingbing – BlinkHugh Jackman – Logan / Wolverine
James McAvoy – Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender – Erik Lehnsherr
Peter Dinklage – Dr. Bolivar Trask
Evan Peters – Peter / Quicksilver

Bottom Line

A movie you don’t need to be a fanboy to like

Another Round

WTF!? hilarious review of a much worse film

Fernby Films’ awesome review of Part 1

Booze Revooze of “Capatain America: Winter Soldier”

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Al K Hall’s Drawers

What happens in my drawers stays in my drawers, and is also pretty NSFW.

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Silver Linings Playbook 01 poster bar none booze revooze

From the juiced-box and not the soundtrack: The White Stripes – Fell in Love with a Girl

[Press ‘Play’ for the second best song in the movie…and not on the soundtrack]

Ramblings: Panty Linings Playbook

Final Proof: 3 Shots

3 shots

You know how you get drunk wearing a suit? Not the part when you talk too loud so that everyone within shouting distance knows how over the top you went and not the part when everyone can smell the sheen gleaming in the sick that streaks your lapels. No, there are those moments before everyone becomes your best friend and before you get so phony all your bars are full of reception, before you try too hard to be funny and to fall in love, moments when you are a little off kilter, a little skewed but still you feel a little more you than you’ve been in a while because you are sincere and honest enough to let the crazy out a crack and you accidentally become endearing. That’s what Silver Linings Playbook is like.

Silver Linings Playbook 02 poster bar none booze revooze

“I’m going to switch this envelope out for the one that says ‘Argo’.”

SLP is a romantic comedy that is neither, and all the better for it. You know me and if you don’t,  i’m the guy that came up with “dramantic comedy” or “drom-com” and go ahead, you can keep mocking me even after you steal that expression because that’s also the kind of guy i am. i hate romantic comedies more than i hate life itself and i only went to see this because it was nominated for an Oscar and plus the only thing easier in life than hating romantic comedies is mocking them and i’m all about the easy.

Imagine my surprise when i didn’t hate this movie. Why i didn’t is a whole ‘nother story—not really, it’s the whole story of this post and i didn’t hate the movie because it wasn’t a romantic comedy, it was a sexy shell with some serious drama deep down at the bottom, like panty liners hidden inside scanty panties. Also, the ending was happy in the movie just like panty liners are happy in their own way because it means she’s not pregnant, am i right?

Silver Linings Playbook 03 poster bar none booze revooze

“You’re so hot, and not just the sweaty kind.”

Basically i got emotionally invested in the characters here and i never do that for a movie like this unless it is this. Why? Read on, Buttercup.

The best thing about this movie were the actors and you know how sometimes you don’t know what makes a good actor because you can’t really put your finger on it? Go and see SLP for a good lesson on that. Chris “Mother” Tucker takes the role of the nutso friend and drives it straight to the place you’d expect and drops it off there without taking us anywhere. Some other guy (John Ortiz) plays the BF and you watch him going, “Yeah, he’s the BF because he’s acting the way the BF is supposed to”.

But Bradley Cooper (who is the person i will sleep with right after Eliza Dushku if i go gay) and Jennifer Lawrence (who i would sleep with first no matter what) fucking nail their characters. They play crazy perfectly because they don’t “play crazy”, they play crazy people trying to act normal which is a whole hell of a lot more realistic.

Silver Linings Playbook 04 poster bar none booze revooze

“You overpaid for your track suit, babe.”

The other good thing about this (yeah, i’ll skip the part about how De Niro finally gets his acting chops into a meatier role than he’s been served in a long time) is the director who’s some guy called David O. Russell (who also directed the fuckin’ excellent The Fighter). The cool thing about his directing is that you don’t notice it, which is what good directing is about (unless you go the other way where the directing is the best part of the movie, like Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula or Andrew Niccol’s Lord of War).

Everything comes together in this movie and chips in to elevate it above the normal level of a rom-coma and even if that doesn’t make it Oscar worthy, it still makes it worth a viewing.

Silver Linings Playbook 05 poster bar none booze revooze

Meanwhile, at the same sex marriage gala…

Buzz Kills (Watch Out for Spoilers)

Sex: 2½ Shots

Silver Linings Playbook 06 poster bar none booze revooze

“No, that’s a roll of dimes I keep in my pocket.”

2 & 1-2 shotsSure, i love Jennifer Lawrence (“Tiffany” in this movie), but more importantly i like her a lot. She’s hot but she wasn’t always hot and she won’t always be hot but what she will always be is a good actress and fucking cool. For the good actress part all you have to do is watch Silver Linings Playbook to see what i mean and for the cool part check out these quotes.

Not to sound rude, but [acting] is stupid. Everybody’s like, ‘How can you remain with a level head?’ And I’m like, ‘Why would I ever get cocky? I’m not saving anybody’s life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.

Or, and this is my personal favorite,

I went to the doctor today and got a chest X-ray of my lungs and discovered that my breasts are uneven! That was all I saw.

You know me (and if you don’t, my breasts are uneven too), i’m all about the investigative journalism, so let’s take a close up and personal look at this, shall we?

 Jennifer Lawrence 2013-02-06 Wallpaper Bar None Wallpaper Bar None Booze Revooze

Jennifer Lawrence Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

Like with most of the actresses, there are single shots of Jennifer in my drawers, down below. Just scroll all the way down until you hit the “Continue reading” link and then do just that.

Another wonderful actress gracing this movie is Julia Plenty of Stiles (aka “Veronica” here). i’ve liked her ever since i didn’t see her that one Heath Ledger movie (10 Things I Hate About You) but saw some Stiles stills and she was gorgeous and it was kinda like this.

Julia Stiles 2013-02-06 Bar None Wallpaper Bar None Booze Revooze

Julia Stiles Bar None Wallpaper – Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

What else is good about SLP? Here’s the blow by blow from my notes:

  • [Glimpses of] Ex-wife (Nikki / Brea Bee) in the shower
  • Closeups of JL’s [Jennifer Lawrence’s] “necklace”, i.e. cleavage & the moles [which i’ve just realized is a great fucking name for a girl’s band]
  • Vaguely dirty talk @ restaurant: Older mature lesbian with younger girl on her lap explaining / teaching her what to do [i put this dialog down in my drawers, if you really care.]
  • JL’s bare back
  • JL’s dance costume rocked halter top

One of my favorite lines from the movie was more about sex than romance. This exchange is between Bradley Cooper’s character (Pat) and a guy taking advantage of Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) sexually.

How am I being rude?

Oh, you know. You know.  Come on. Sometimes it’s  [casual sex] okay with girls like this, they wanna have fun, and sometimes it’s not okay because they got a broken wing, and they’re hurt, and they’re an easy target. And in this case, in this particular case, I think that wing is being fixed.

Silken Butterflies

i already talked about the woman naked wife in the shower in the blow by blow and her name is Brea Bee and she’s this kind of ginger hot.

Brea Bee 01  bar none booze revooze 2013-02-06

Regency Boies graced us, the screen and the film with her brief yet remarkable presence as “Regina”.

Regency Boies bar none booze revooze 2013-02-06

Also making the film a better place to be is Samantha Gelnaw, who played Jake’s Finacée.

Samantha Gelnaw bar none booze revooze 2013-02-06

For those of you more into quick passes than tight ends, there was Bradley Cooper in this.

Bradley Cooper 01 Bar None Booze Revooze

Bradley Cooper 02 Sober in the Bar None Booze Revooze

Bradley Cooper rocking the sober in the Bar None

A Smoke

Drink: 2½ Shots

2 & 1-2 shots

There was tons of drinking and drink references but it didn’t ply a serious role in the movie and that’s what 2½ shots tastes like.

Here’s the blow by blow:

Danny was in for assault because of crystal meth and alcohol.

Bad combination.

—Pat explaining to his mother why Danny was with him in the mental hospital

  • BC (Bradley Cooper) brings wine bottle to dinner at Ronnie’s
  • Wine @ dinner
Silver Linings Playbook 07 poster bar none booze revooze

“LOL, we’re drinking expensive champagne and you sold out for a cheap ass Bud.”

Don’t drink too much, don’t hit anybody, you’ll be fine.

—Pat Sr. (Robert De Niro) giving his son advice before a football game

  • Beer @ tailgate [party]
  • JL swigs Bud after putting De Niro in his place
  • White alcohol on ice @ Xmas
  • Chris Whatsisname [Tucker] drinking Bud at formal dance recital
  • When JL is stressed she marches straight to the bar, pounds on it, and asks for a vodka. Then a guy offers her another one.
  • Champagne on the table at the dance contest

A Smoke

Rock & Roll: 2½ Shots

2 & 1-2 shots

It’s not my fault everything is 2½ shots, talk to the movie. i went 2½ here because the soundtrack has some really cool songs (two White Stripes jams, and even some Zeppelin!) but not all of the songs are on the OST, so don’t buy it without checking it out closely first.

Some guy way cooler than me over at a real blog called Indiewire put together a complete list of all the songs in the movie, not just the ones on the soundtrack.

A cool song on both, which is not necessarily rock and roll, is “Girl from the North Country” by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Norman Blake, W.S. Holland & Marshall Grant.

Silver Linings Playbook 08 poster bar none booze revooze

The Waiting Room at the Wig Salon

Boring Technical Crap

Written by:

Matthew Quick (novel “The Silver Linings Playbook”)
David O. Russell (screenplay)

Silver Linings Playbook 09 poster bar none booze revooze

The short bus just got shorter

Directed by: David O. Russell


Jennifer Lawrence – Tiffany
Jacki Weaver – Dolores
Julia Stiles – Veronica
Brea Bee – Nikki
Regency Boies – Regina
Samantha Gelnaw – Jake’s Fiancée
Bradley Cooper – Pat
Robert De Niro – Pat Sr.
Chris Tucker – Danny
Anupam Kher – Dr. Cliff Patel
John Ortiz – Ronnie

Bottom Line

Great date movie because it’s almost a great movie.

Haven’t Had Your Fill of the Booze Revooze? Click here for another round.

Al K Hall’s Drawers

It’s all over but the photos (and a quick script excerpt). Read on only if you don’t want to read on, but prefer to look instead.

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From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Arcade Fire – Abraham’s Daughter

[Press ‘Play’ for an ass kicking song from a strangely kick ass soundtrack]

Remember how you’re so jealous of me because i live in Yeaman where nothing happens first except we get Hunger Games a full 2 days before the States. Don’t believe i have bragging rights? Here’s a screen cap from the movie a full 2 days early.

Ramblings: Hunger Pains

[Disclaimer: all the shots of the movie are my own personal screen caps that i took off my cell phone. They’re not supposed to be good, just to give you an idea of what i saw and to prove i actually did see this beast.]

Final Proof: 3 shots

You know how you get drunk with your aunt? She’s not all that hip even if all your friends like her and she drinks all these freaky cocktails that taste more different than good though the feeling is still the same as the booze settles in the back of your legs while you sit on her old sofa in her wood paneled den with sunshine highlighting the dust suspended in the glare while she laughs at her own jokes and makes you feel at home even if it’s not your home and her clothes look like curtains and her furniture is covered with plastic but despite all the space oddities you find yourself surprised to find you’re having a good time and that it’s easier to enjoy her company than you thought you would so you’re kind of looking forward to your next visit which is the way i feel about The Hunger Games.


i went into this movie completely blind. The books weren’t in heavy rotation here in Yeaman like in the States and you know me (and if you don’t, come closer and let me rub you the wrong way), i can’t read anything longer than condom instructions plus my friends are even more illegitimate than i am when it comes to big words so they couldn’t tell me anything about this, either. Short story long, i had absolutely no idea what to expect when i went into the movie theater with Mrs Demeanor last night and that was probably a good thing because i had no expectations other than to see pretty girls (apart from Mrs D).

Main Course

Some of the shit they force fed me sat wrong and here’s a list of what that was.

First off is the sets. The sets looked super cheap like you made them with your cousins out back of your aunt’s trailer after watching Running Man or Logan’s Run. The costumes were as cheap as the neighbor lady who installed her own stripper pole in her living room. It’s like the designer and wardrobe people were brought back in a seance from before when Star Wars told everybody movies could stop looking like a primary school Parents’ Day play.

The other thing i didn’t so much like was the story because it was more predictable than the odor of your puke when you get sick on Southern Comfort. You know what’s coming so bad you can smell it, is i guess what i’m saying.

But the rest was all good. Fortunately, most of the movie takes place in the forest meaning gross camp sites replace grossly camp sets so even if we don’t get cool futuristic city-scapes at least we don’t get eye sores either.

One of the other good things was Woody Harrelson. i know some people get wood over Woody but i can take him or leave him. He’s often killer good (Natural Born Killers, the TV show Cheers, Zombieland) but other times he shoots so far over the top he’s too far out (Ed TV). Fortunately he played Haymitch Abernathy with just the right amount of restraint and inebriation to be an asset.


The cream of the crop in The Hunger Games were the actors. Thank god for them because they had to take a story line with more holes than a homeless lapdancer’s lacy underwear and hold it up and carry it and make it look good. Which they did. The kid actors even did a good job and i’m a real bastard because i judge kids by the same standards as adults and cannot find the cute when some marionette with dimples gives wooden readings.

Isabelle Fuhrman as Clove

i’ll even continue to compliment Isabelle Fuhrman who i already complimented the craft out of in my review of Orphan. “Continue to compliment Isabelle Fuhrman” despite the fact she ignored my Tweet last night after i saw the movie and gave her mad props (in under 140 words) but she only had blog love for some guy called Chuck Movie Guy who did the same thing, just after me. So she’s too famous to remember us poor little tender bartender bloggers but she’ll schmooze with the rich, the famous and those with more followers than me. Hell, i’m not hurt for me, but she’s saying y’all aren’t important enough to get some respect is all. Thank god she’s still a fantastic actress and the only complaint i have about her performance in The Hunger Games is that there wasn’t enough of her in it. She was wildly under-used, s’what i’m saying.

Speaking of under-things, there were quite a few under-aged actors in this bad boy and they’re not allowed into the raunchier part of this blog so i’m going to give them their props here.

Here’s the pretty talented Isabelle Fuhrman (15), who was Clove in the movie.

There was also the very promising Willow Shields (11) as Primrose Everdeen.

Another amazing performance was turned in by 13-year-old Amandla Stenberg, as Rue.

Not to mention the amazing actress, model and…stunt moppet(!?) Kalia Prescott (Tribute Girl District 3) weighing in at 14.

Kalia...in the Bar None (!?)


See the movie. i hadn’t read the books and expected to be insulted by a film for adolescents and got caught up in the capable acting and found myself being rather entertained. i’m betting you’ll leave The Hunger Games sated, not fed up.

Buzz Kills (Watch Out for Spoilers)

Sex: 2½ Shots

This movie was aimed at teens so you get the same amount of sex here as you would at a basement party at a kids’ house during the day when his parents are home but you can close the door. Basically, The Hunger Games has all the sexual energy of Truth or Dare if everyone chooses “truth”.

You already know there was the very attractive Jennifer Lawrence (21) who was born that way so stop congratulating her on her looks and start congratulating her on her acting skills as the heroine Katniss Everdeen. Because she’s good at that too, so good she can even act shorter than her co-star and “love interest” Josh Hutcherson / Peeta Mellark. Check this picture out over there and you’ll see how tough that’s gotta be (Hutcherson is the one on the right.)

Which is not to say we shouldn’t appreciate her great asset… In fact, let’s get on that right away, shall we?

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

There’s more shots of her if you scroll way down to my drawers at the bottom of the post. That’s where i stick the single shots.

Then there was this trippy looking character called Effie Trinket and she was the only kitsch one i could really stand. They had other people like Stanley Tucci as some cat called Caesar Flickerman and he played the part really well but the guy just looked fucking stupid.

Elizabeth Banks’ “Effie” looked all right, though. That was a cute thing they did with her lips when they made them up to look small and puckered. The picture i stuck up over there is pretty much like everything else in this place: if you click it, you’ll make it bigger.

Speaking of, here’s a collage of the wonderful Elizabeth Banks (38).

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

There’s a special place in my drawers reserved for her as well, just keep scrolling down.

i’m famous in my own mind because when i was scouring the net for photos of Leven Rambin (21) who, in the role of Glimmer, had a part just as juicy as Isabelle Fuhrman, i kept coming across photos i’d already posted of her in my Booze Revooze of Gigantic. Here is the updated exposée of Leven Rambin that explains why i’ve got Rambin on my mind. No? Lord i was born a Rambin man? Nothing? Yeah, how much did you pay for this?

Leven Rambin 2012-03-21 Collage

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

There are more pix of Leven Rambin around in my drawers down below.

Wrapping this section up there’s a woman i loved in that one western show called Deadwood. Like there was anything dead about that wood. Paula Malcomson (42) played a prostitute called Trixie and she was a little more lively there than Katniss’s spaced out mother in The Hunger Games. She acted the hell out of that role but she’s capable of acting the hell out of a lot cooler stuff.

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

There’ll be more drawer shots of this little lady as well. Scroll down, you don’t believe me.

Silken Butterflies

Kicking off the section of those marvelously talented actresses whose flitting appearances across the silver screen were entirely too brief is Raiko Bowman (who may or may not be 39) who plays Peeta’s mother.

Also qualifying as a silken butterfly is Karan Kendrick, who plays the trainer Atala. Hard as nails and soft as satin…

For those of you more into bows than quivers, here’s some Josh Hutcherson (19) who plays Peeta Mellark.

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

Playing Gale Hawthorne is Liam Hemsworth (22). He also plays Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend in real life. i wonder which is more fun?

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus in the Bar None

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus in the Bar None

Liam Hemsworth

Click on the Shot for a Wallpaper

A Smoke

Drink: 2 shots

There was actually more drinking than sex in The Hunger Game but i think that’s the message we’re trying to give our kids; that it’s better to drink or fight than it is be naked or do drugs. Anyway, i’m only giving the alcohol here two shots because i judge harder for booze than i do for boobs. Here’s the breakdown from my list…

  • What looked like alcohol in crystal snifters [in the train]
  • Woody Harrelson shows up drunk
  • Good nom[ination] for Alkies
  • Drinks whiskey out of labeless bottles
  • [He drinks] Whiskey out of silver flask
  • Wine at candidates dinner
  • Lots of drinks during pregame preparations
  • Lots of drinks at every meal
  • Slurred Speeches: Woody Harrelson’s Haymitch Abernathy to Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket
Loosen your corset and have a drink.
Effie Haymitch Katniss in the Bar None

Effie Haymitch Katniss in the Bar None

A Smoke

Rock & Roll: 3 shots

Got something from the juiced-box for you.

[Press play to hear Taylor Swift do a decent job hooking up with The Civil Wars on “Safe and Sound”]

Tough call this, actually.

Looking at the action…yeah, it was fairly action-y. There wasn’t a lot of downtime and in the forest there was always something going on so i think The Hunger Games earned its three shots. Sure the action was pretty predictable and not very imaginative for place that exists far enough in the future that you can invent whatever monsters you want but oh well.

What caught me off guard was the music. i’d live to say it was all hard core rock and roll but that’d be lying. The songs from the movie (not the OST, but an album of real songs that were in the movie; it’s called The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond) are mostly folk-country which i liked a lot more than i thought i would. Go figure and look at how eclectic i’m gettin’.

Boring Technical Crap

Written by: Suzanne Collins (novel), Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins and Billy Ray (screenplay)

Directed by: Gary Ross


Jennifer Lawrence – Katniss Everdeen
Willow Shields – Primrose Everdeen
Elizabeth Banks – Effie Trinket
Paula Malcomson – Katniss’ Mother
Raiko Bowman – Peeta’s Mother
Leven Rambin – Glimmer
Isabelle Fuhrman – Clove
Kalia Prescott – Tribute Girl District 3
Karan Kendrick – Atala
Liam Hemsworth – Gale Hawthorne
Josh Hutcherson – Peeta Mellark
Woody Harrelson – Haymitch Abernathy

Bottom Line

Indulge yourself. Binge on the eye candy that is The Hunger Games; you can always feel guilty about it afterwards.

Al K Hall’s Drawers

No more text, just shots of the beautiful people that filled The Hunger Games.

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