Dregs of the Week: Mostly March 2013

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Mini dregs today as we’re just taking a little trip to a little island called the UK which has a lot of little towns called Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland which is the right or wrong side of the tracks depending which side of the tracks you were born on. Anyway, today’s dregs are brought to you by Ireland and Scotland, where the best present you can buy those sheep farmers is velcro gloves.

From the juiced-box and dedicated to the residents of Kerry: Afroman – Drive Better Drunk

[Press ‘Play’ for “Don’t touch my keys when the party’s over / I drive better drunk than you do sober” aka the New Irish National Anthem]

Commoner Dregs

January 21, 2013: Kerry On, my wayward son

Drunk Driving 01 before AlKHall Bar None Dregs

Drunk Driving: Before

If you read my last dregs not only are you a star but you were also exposed to my huge cock sure diatribe against the prejudice that exists concerning drunk drivers. In an era where we are trying to be more and more open to different lifestyle choices, humanity still maintains an ornery attitude towards drunk drivers.

i don’t know about y’all but at least someone read what i wrote and is willing to do something about it. i’m speaking specifically about Kerry (as in  ‘Kerry me home’), Ireland where local law enforcement has decided to reduce the instances of drunk driving with an ingenious concept. If you want fewer drunk drivers on the road, simply raise the limit of legally drunk.

Drunk Driving 02 after AlKHall Bar None Dregs

Drunk Driving: After

i know, right? i’ll help you move, ’cause that’s just the kind of (Temporal) Functional Alcoholic Slurpreson i am.

January 9: There’s an app for fat

Those Scottish never cease to amaze me. The country that has it all (and won’t share any of it with you) decided to release a free app so people can see the effects of alcohol on their looks over an extended period of time. Did i say people? i didn’t mean people, i meant women. Because the app is only designed for women.

Scottish Girl 01 before AlKHall Bar None Dregs

Scottish Girl Drinking: Before

Apparently Scottish men already look old and fat in their teenage years so this app would only work for them when they’re first old enough to drink, like at 8 years old.

In other news, the exact same app is also being marketed under other names like “What happens when you eat Scottish food” or “what women look like after you marry them”.

Scottish Girl 02 after AlKHall Bar None Dregs

Scottish Girl Drinking: After

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