10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes (A Top 10 Lips)

red-noir-lips bar none 10 celebrity halloween costumesTired of the question “What will you come as?” when you’re not sex role playing? Tired of being yourself and yet still don’t know what you want to be this year for Halloween? You’ve come to the right Bar None.

i’ve assembled a list of celebrity Halloween costumes to inspire you and, after some hemming (and hawing), i think i’ve got it all sewn up. Here, then, are ten Halloween costumes worn by actual celebrities that we can pattern ourselves after.

From the juiced-box and to get you in the mood, Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween.

[Press ‘Play’ for Manson’s cover of the Danny Elfman song from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas]

1. Justin Bieber Going as “A Male”

Justin Bieber - Male Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Justin Bieber Dressed Up As A Boy

Ahh, Justin Cider, you’re still my favorite lesbian. Bielibe that.

2. Mitt Romney Going As “Presidential”

Mitt Romney - Presidential Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Mitt Romney Pretending To Be Someone Who Can

Don’t forget, you still have time to vote in the US Presidential Election. If you ware not an American citizen and would like to vote, i’m selling my vote to the highest bidder.

3. Kim Kardashian Going As “A Human”

Kim Kardashian - Human Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Kim Kardashian Almost Looking Like She Comes From This Planet

Nice twist on the “I’m going as an alien”, we have an extra terrestrial coming as one of us.

4. Lindsay Lohan Going As “A Camel’s Toe”

Lindsay Lohan - Camel's Toe Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Lindsay Lohan Gets Bestial

Lindsay as her (second) favorite part of a camel’s anatomy.

5. Lance Armstrong Going as “An Athlete”

Lance Armstrong - Athlete Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Lance Armstrong Wants us To Believe He’s Clean!

Drug addicts always pick costumes that reveal what they think they really are.

6. Honey Boo Boo Going As “A Child”

Honey Boo Boo - Infant Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Peter Dinky-lage’s Inamorata Pretends To Be A Grown Up

She even acts childish!

7. Rihanna Going As “An Intellectual”

Rihanna - Intellectual Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Rihanna Looking Like She Should Know Better

Only problem is, she can’t wear this costume if she goes with Chris Brown because no one would get she was smart.

8. Miley Cyrus Going As “Dafuq?”

Miley Cyrus - Dafuq Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Miley Cyrus Living The Meme

Why so Cyrus?

9 Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Going As “Lovers”

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake - Lovers Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Prick Or Teats

i also could’ve put “Justin Timberlake – Straight”.

10. Amanda Bynes Going As “Air Bags”

Amanda Bynes - Air Bags Bar None 10 celebrity Halloween Costumes

Amanda Bynes on Shalloween

My personal favorite. Amanda went ironic this year in reference to both her drunken hit & runs.

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Miley Cyrus is Drunk

Remember back when you were 17 and you couldn’t get drunk at home because you starred in a kiddie show and everybody thought you were super religious and a good role model (even if you posted pictures of yourself in a bra on the internet)? And remember how you wanted to get your drink on? So remember how you hopped on a plane and flew to Europe where they didn’t give a rat’s ass how old you were as long as you were cute and drinking? Ah, those were the days.

Joining the ranks of Emma Watson and Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus has flown the cuckoo’s coop of American puritanism to Europe, the land of the really and truly free.

But hell, she didn’t have to fly all the way to France. If she’d have come to the Bar None, i woulda hooked her up.

This is the part where i lie and tell you i got this directly from the source. Not from The Superficial. No way. i was at the club and partied with Miley and she bought me drinks and we sang “Up Where We Belong” at karaoke until i puked on her lap and she peed her pants. Yep, never even heard of The Superficial.

Booze Nooze: Justin Bieber Is A 27-Year-Old Girl

From the juiced-box: Robert Storoy/DJ Robban (feat. Selma) – Who U Are

[Press ‘Play’ for a cool tune totally unrelated to the subject at hand; scroll down to the end for the details]

The saddest, scariest thing about the real story (and if you click on the article you’ll be whisked to the original TMZ article) is how this poor, delusional chick actually cultivates the Justa Baber-in-the-woods look.

i mean if you’re gonna imitate anyone, why not an under-21 starlette who likes to drink and party?


Emma Watson (20)


Emma Roberts (19)


Miley Cyrus (17)

So the music at the top is from a Facebook friend Robert Storoy.

Not only is he a killer composer, he’s a killer photographer as well. Check it out:

(c) Robert Storoy

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