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7 *Real* Reasons You Will Never Succeed

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You know me, i’m not gonna lie to you or if i do, i’ll tell you first or just right after. Unfortunately, there are fuck tons of people out there who are going to lie to you and the only reason they’re doing it is to farm your ‘Likes’ on their Facebook pages.

On this one chick’s Facebook page, i saw a link to a piece called “7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life“. i go there and it’s pretty much average motivational crap stuck under a provocative headline to get your attention and to make you believe you’re not good enough.

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Check this, i could do the same fucking thing and i’ll even time my ass to show you how easy this kind of article is.

Titillating title: 7 Reasons You Will Never Know True Love

  1. You don’t love yourself
  2. You look in the wrong places
  3. You can’t let go of your past
  4. You have too many criteria
  5. You don’t know how to recognize love
  6. You don’t laugh out loud enough
  7. You are too focused on yourself

There you go. That took me 01:41. One minute and 41.4 seconds to write that outline.

Before you start saying, “But Al, Raymmar Tirado’s tips weren’t as simple and ordinary as yours,” imma call bullshit.

You know what he wrote in his article? “You don’t ask enough questions,” “you don’t read enough books”… shit like that. You don’t know how much i read, Rainman, and reading a book a day still won’t guarantee me the Nobel Peace Prize. Hell, how many pictures do you see of Jesus reading books? He did some amazing shit and the only question he asked was, “Why me, Lord?” when the hung his ass on the cross.

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Plus, who is Raymmar Tirado to tell us what to do? Like he’s an expert on doing amazing things. Have you ever heard of his amazing ass? i haven’t. The only amazing thing he’s done in his life is to write that piece of shit article telling you that suck.

Like i said up at the top, i won’t lie to you like Rayman did. i’m all about the coming clean, so here are the 7 Real Reason You Will Never Succeed

1. You are not rich enough

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2. You were born in the wrong class

7 reasons 05 Class (AlKHall Bar None)

3. You did not go to the right university

7 reasons 06 University (AlKHall Bar None)

4. You do not have the right connections

7 reasons 07 Connections (AlKHall Bar None)

5. You have a moral compass

7 reasons 08 Moral Compass (AlKHall Bar None)

6. You have family and friends you care about

7 reasons 09 Friends (AlKHall Bar None)

7. You do amazing things every day

7 reasons 10 Amazing (AlKHall Bar None)

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